Free Speech?

We’ve all heard, and probably said more than a time or two, “Talk is cheap!” or “Actions speak louder than words!”  Goodness knows on any given day in America you can hear someone crying “Free speech!” in defense of something better left unsaid, as they vigorously exercise their First Amendment right.

Yet despite the many channels we have through which our voices can be heard, speech is not literally free.  It may seem as if it’s free but someone, somewhere is paying for it. Let’s face it, the American economic model is based on capitalism. If money goes out, it must be recouped in some fashion, in order for a business or charity to continue to survive and, hopefully, grow.

Image: (CCO)  Flickr/Shermeee

Which brings me to my point:  We need financial support to help bring about social and political change. We are happy to provide you with snarky insights into political shenanigans; share our thoughts on social issues and causes; highlight injustices in society; and applaud good deeds. Yes, we are glad you enjoy the many talented writers and contributors we offer. Personally, I am very proud of our impressive, all-volunteer staff.  Most are everyday people who just happen to be gifted with intellectual and artistic expression worth sharing. They devote their time, talents and energy, for you without pay. Brook, our Founder and Managing Editor, works harder than three people to pull all of it together and make it the sexy beast you have come to enjoy: Borderless News and Views.

We exercise more than our fair share of free speech in our posts and pictures. The speech may be free and shared (literally) liberally — but the people and the forum that presents it to you need your support. This is an age where more and more people are obtaining their news and information over the internet or via other electronic means. Many news outlets began their online version supported with years of  profit from, and a solid reputation already well established by, the print version of their publications.  For those of us who started from scratch, we need some funding in order to keep going and growing.

So today, as you chuckle at the brilliant art-itorials, cyber high five as we share our viewstranscend borders with us, or read between the lines with the inimitable (but oft copied) Brooklyn Dame, consider financially supporting our site.

If you value what we do, please give up that $5 per day latte habit for one week and donate $25 to our site. Or perhaps you could stay in for date night and donate $50.  But if $5 is what you have to spare; we won’t turn it away, and we will thank you for it properly!  We give a thank you gift for each level of funding support offered.

If you are not able to contribute financially yourself, but have like-minded friends, please share a link to our site. If you have a blog, mention us on your site. If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, please consider sharing a link to the articles you read here.

Even the smallest donation, when it all comes together, can make a BIG difference! Think of it this way, you are doing more than just helping us raise funds, together we are all raising HOPE!

It means a lot that you take time out of your day to peruse our site.

We thank you in advance for supporting it, and all of us.


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