Week in Review, April 29, 2012

We’re in an election year and people across the nation are stepping up to make their voices heard. Some are fighting for progressive change while others are simply hoping that the nation will not move backwards. Of course, unfortunately for those of us who are free-thinking liberals, there are too many among us who are fighting the war against time…and progress.

There are no illusions at this point; the distinctions are quite clear, and continued social movement must take place in order to rebuild the eroding American dream. While it is helpful to look back to learn history’s lessons, this is no time for nostalgia; we must take our heads out of the sand and realise that without forward action, the future for many of us may be bankrupted by greedy politicians and the corporations that support them. Besides, at times, looking back makes no sense — at least when it’s clear we’re looking with skewed vision…we’re all aware that there are quite a few things in our history that should never be repeated.

That said, let’s start with the truth of how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. This week, we continued our discussions on subjects that will be news for some time to come, especially during this campaign year. Those subject include healthcare reform, the treatment of all citizens as equals, foreign relations and what to do about the environment in which we live. We realise that one way to point the discussion in the right (ok, LEFT) direction is by stating the facts and getting to the heart of the matter.  Let’s face it: there’s enough damage to go around without rumours and innuendo. That’s why due diligence is needed; without it those who spread shit nonsense around are bound to win.

At the end of the day, education is the key. Without it we cannot expect to close the ‘divides’ between people, and we can’t expect the respect that our views and values deserve. And we deserve to be heard…and we can’t wait.