Mitt Romney’s Awesome Second Great Depression American Pie

7,700,000 American seniors living in poverty
16,200,000 American children living in poverty
21,600,000 Americans living in poverty
45,800,000 Americans receiving food stamps
49,900,000 Americans with no health insurance
12,580,000 unemployed Americans
14,000 Americans controlling 40% of America’s wealth

Image: Cartoon Movement via Fairfax

To the above, fold in Paul Ryan’s budget, cuts to Medicare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, welfare and Social Security benefits. Stir in more tax cuts for the 1% and the corporations. Add more defense spending and 2-3 conservative activist Supreme Court justices.

When well mixed, add in a war with Iran and deregulation of Wall Street, the banks, corporate polluters, food producers and consumer credit.

Season to taste with FOX News talking points, evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity, xenophobia, racism and homophobia. Add a pinch of extreme weather (tornadoes, droughts, floods, hurricanes) caused by climate change.

Let sit for 4 years.


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