Happy Trails, Newt!

Good grief, Newt! It surely took you long enough to figure out something that the rest of us have known for a long (no, looooooonng) time: You can’t win. You couldn’t win. You’ll never win. See what happens when you piss off upset nearly everyone  in your party (and most of the country)?

We are as long on memory as you are in goodbyes; we remember your temper tantrum leading to the government shutdown during the Clinton administration, your ethics violations, and the fact that, well, you’re just plain deceitful and use that horrid character trait to continually attempt to rewrite history. It seems that not even Faux Fox News wants you in a fall-back position. *Yikes!*



Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.



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