Week in Review – May 6, 2012

Social change is in the news, and that’s a good thing. The plight of workers became the focus, for at least one day, this past week. Folks, we are witnessing what dissent and direct action produces: protests and causes.

Why is there always a need to take action? Because those on the wrong side of progress assume that stagnancy means weakness; opportunists pounce on those who are exhausted enough to give up the fight. Their ‘there we go again‘ tactics are tiresome, but since they’re not surprising, we have an advantage in terms of how we respond.

It’s because of actions against workers and the middle class that we still need a workers revolution (and revolution survival tips) — and a May Day to remember the gains achieved by the world’s workers. Based on the backlash aimed at the middle class, it’s easy to see that if the GOP were to have its way, *ewww…shudder* that would be a recipe for disaster. We’ve already seen what too much misinformation and fear of moving forward can do — and in our move to go forward we shouldn’t be fooled by those who pretend to be moderate but take actions that show otherwise. We must support one another in moving towards progress.

People want choices that yield positive outcomes, whether it’s about where our children are getting their education or where we place our money. We want to know that we can place some level of faith in our governments and our leaders (both domestically and internationally, in and out of places of worship) and that elected officials will do what’s in the best interests of the many — not just the elite few.

While we work toward keeping our leaders focused on our best interests, let’s remember that we can disagree without being disagreeable; after all, in ways that truly matter we’re not so different from one another. And let’s remember that we can also have our rights without trampling on the rights of others.

Along the way let’s educate, entertain and eradicate the borders between us.