Obama, Gay Marriage, Hey!

President Obama:  I have only five words from my inner gay man to respond to your comments on the gay marriage issue yesterday.

“Hey girl. Hey girl. Hey!”

As a proud ally and supporter of the LGBTQ community and its fight for equality, the impact of the discussion between ABC News  and the President hit close to home. To get the inside scoop on what my gays are up to in the aftermath of such an historical occurrence, I called a close friend. Author, genius, Philadelphia nightlife guru, and social activist, Frederic Joss Shelley, answered my call with a cheery disposition and gave me some insight.

“We are having a party. The whole community is planning on coming out tonight to celebrate the first time a sitting president has supported our cause. Of course, there are some who are fearful that in the wake of such an historic moment there will be an outlash in response in order to harm the cause and dominate. It’s like chopping off the head of the snake, but two heads grow in its place. But, I know that we have to celebrate the small victories. It is huge when someone outwardly supports you.”

The political implications in Pennsylvania with the election on its way cannot be ignored. Shelley mentioned that the LGBTQ community is well aware that although Pennsylvania “tends to turn in favor of Democrats, it is a swing state and that this can become a wedge-issue in the coming months.”  As a leader in the movement in his city, he will surely have a hand in the fight for continued equality, as will many in the close-knit community.

A long discussion about what might happen as Christian leaders take offense, which has already happened.

“Any time there is change, there will be people who resist. They use their definition of something to try and box you out. The things that are written in stone can be erased and rewritten on another stone. Everyone’s definition of marriage is different. Talk to a minister if you want. Historically, marriage was once an exchange of money. Your father sold you off as property. ‘I’ll give you my daughter and you give me money.’ It has evolved from that. It has evolved to a union between a man and a woman. It is now becoming an expression of love and commitment. This is just a natural step in the evolution of a social contruct.”

My friend and I share the same sentiment. We also share our love of metaphors, “You know when you buy something from Apple?  They give you a contract and you barely read it. You just scroll down and click I accept. The religious viewpoint of this issue is the contract.  Most people just scroll right down and click accept to get it over with. When you do that, you have to accept all the terms and conditions, even if you don’t know what they all are. Scroll down and get more of the facts and then form your own opinion.If people are going to use the Bible, they should read the entire thing, not just use the parts that are beneficial to them at the time of an argument.”

I wanted to counter with the argument I’m hungry, so I need a man to make miracles happen and get tons of loads of bread out of the crumbs that are on my counter, but this was no time for such requests.

Social constructs change. If the bus comes, but you were too busy to get on because you were judging the color of the outside of it or making fun of the kids inside because you hate yourself, then that bus is just going to pull away without you. And, you’ll be left with mud on your face because the dust kicked up and stuck to the tears you shed during a temper tantrum. It sucks trying to wash mud off of your face.

“I know there is someone in Harrisburg who won’t be able to celebrate this moment tonight. That makes me sad. If the word of the day is “improving” then that’s all that we can do. I’m going to celebrate for that person and hope that we improve things enough so that tomorrow he can.”

I’ll raise my spritzer to that, friend.  Then I’ll try and tackle the Mormon faith’s stance on marriage.  Maybe I’ll call Mitt Romney for tips.


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