Betty White for Obama

Betty White normally does not indicate whom she supports in presidential elections — but this time around she is for President Obama. Hopefully, Right wing LooneyToons like Rush won’t pounce on her, though I think she can defend herself well.

We can expect Betty ,who is 90, to exercise her right to vote in November. We can be thankful that her right to vote is secure even though today in 2012 there are those such as Jesse Peterson, a conservative preacher and regular guest of Sean Hannity on Fox, who said in a recent video “it was a mistake to allow women the right to vote.”.

This  is just one more example of an intolerant right that in the nation that was created for religious freedom; freedom from persecution that this guy seeks to impose his views on others. And then there is Bill Donohue from The Catholic League. He is strongly against gay marriage. It is fine for a religion such as Catholicism to not agree with gay marriage if that is the teaching of the church. Catholic priests – they just need not marry gays. They have no right to be against a law allowing it if that is what the population of a state decides.

Religions should stick to their religion’s practice and stay out of state and federal government. Yes, sometimes it’s like some forget what led America to be America. An ultra-conservative Catholic school in (you guessed right) Arizona forfeited the league’s high school baseball championship rather than “put their team up against a squad that includes a girl.” So somehow the bible has words in it against coed baseball? Maybe if we just focus on doing good, being kind and respecting each other we would all be so much better off? What would Betty White say?


Image credit: The Charlotte Observer

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