Stand Up for Your Rights

Image: Allfreedownloads

Just what, exactly, are you waiting for? Get off the fence! How long are you going to sit on the sidelines wondering why you didn’t get everything you want?

Have you picked up on where we’ll go if the GOP contender gets within sniffing distance of the White House?

Not only will we lose what we’ve gained — we’ll go backwards.

Wake up! And when you do, join with others in support of progressive causes and stand up for your rights.



  1. […] Then, check out our get it done assessment. We discuss how, sometimes, taking the middle ground means exercising reason, while other times it means playing the game too safely — which results in those who are on the sidelines waiting for real action to occur. Timing may be everything but the real issue is whether our leaders are doing what’s right and for the right reasons? If they are, they’ll have our support. That said, it’s up to us to stay alert; many people, but certainly not all, can see through those who are willing to sell their soul for a taste of power, while the rest of us may be shocked at what we learn if we don’t choose wisely. […]