The Week Ended May 20, 2012

Another Sunday means another week to wrap up; it’s an ending but it is also a beginning. At BNV, Sunday means taking a week’s worth of articles and summarising them in one relatively coherent article that links to each one of the topics that were a part of the ever-changing news cycle. So…what did we discuss this week? How about if I categorise them for you:

Let’s start with what’s old is new again: financial/banking reform. We now know that JP Morgan Chase‘s trading losses may not be only $2 billion but, instead, as much as $5 billion. And yet, through this, we still have elected officials making excuses. Why? Because they’re gaming this broken system too. While we’re directing our attention elsewhere, they are watching the markets and our retirement plans slide because they are unwilling to admit that Wall Street operates like a rigged game that is unable to police itself.

Next, let’s move on to the what you see isn’t always what you get category. Catch up on what we had to say about Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate who, despite his stand on financial, international and equal rights issues, believes he has the character and experience that make him best suited to ‘take the USA back’ and ‘get the nation on track’. Um…ok. You say character, I say pathologically dishonest. Tuh-MAY-toe, Tuh-MAH-toe, right?

Then, check out our get it done assessment. We discuss how, sometimes, taking the middle ground means exercising reason, while other times it means playing the game too safely — which results in those who are on the sidelines waiting for real action to occur. Timing may be everything but the real issue is whether our leaders are doing what’s right and for the right reasons? If they are, they’ll have our support. That said, it’s up to us to stay alert; many people, but certainly not all, can see through those who are willing to sell their soul for a taste of power, while the rest of us may be shocked at what we learn if we don’t choose wisely.

In other articles this week we took note of how improperly and inadequately managed systems can wreak havoc on us and/or feed on themselves. Whether it’s a parasitic economic system or an unbalanced justice system, unless it allowed to develop and grow — but with sensible tweaks along the way we’ll face continuous boom and bust cycles with no real stability.

Thinking for yourself is important. At BNV, we’ll give you the tools and information to do just that…with a dash of snark along the way.