Wrap it Up: Week in Review, May 27, 2012

Pragmatism and reason: two of my favourite words. Perhaps that’s because things that are so rare end up capturing a place that deserves special attention?…and those things do seem to be rare in politics these days. So what’s directing my attention today to those words? Well, as a sign of hope, we’ve seen that some places are trying to employ reason and pragmatism; it’s a matter of making progress. Others? Well, not so much:

Reasonable: Groups in Alabama moving forward in the area of women’s issues and feminism.

Not so much: The US selling drones to Iraq. Maybe if countries would redirect their spending away from weapons and towards things that would make their citizens’ lives better, we’d all be better off.

Reasonable: Examining the actions of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, and America’s role in that behaviour. After all, given our own purveyors of criminal activity, who are we to point fingers? We need to make sure we closely follow what our leaders do; we already know that many of them will say anything to get into positions of power…and that’s very unreasonable.

Not so much: A candidate seeking the highest office in the land still coming out in support of fewer regulations for the banking industry — even in the face of their admitted carelessness.

Reasonable: Taking a look at the state of a protest movement that was born from greed and ineffective government policies implemented by governments around the globe. News flash: advocating for looting social supports and companies, then picking at the remaining carcass, doesn’t make things better.

Not so much: Blaming those who suffer as the result of bad policy decisions — and punishing them for it.

Reasonable: Taking a look at the results of our educational system and the bizarre way in which our financial markets operate.

Not so much: Having security measures in place to keep us safe but still having to wonder about online privacy and overreach of government power.

Reasonable: Making predictions based on evidence — not just what we hear from media outlets vested in a negative outcome.

Not so much: Punishing those who want a better life, protest against greed and strive to do what’s right for others and themselves.


Thankfully, there area reasonable folks who can decide, based on facts, what makes sense. Others? Well…not so much.