Honoring Our Military

Hopefully, all of you enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend. It is appropriate to take a moment to give thanks and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we as a nation can pursue liberty as we know it today. It may not be perfect but what we have is due, in great measure, to our military.

Photo: USA Today

Regardless of political affiliation, we should support our military and press our representatives in Congress to provide for the families of fallen soldiers and help service members find work, education or to receive the health care they deserve. As we look to 2012 elections, take a moment to read this article: “9 Progressive Vets to Watch in the Battle for Congress.” Yes, these are veterans who are seeking office as progressives — not conservatives!

There was a time when one could just assume most in the military were conservatives and voted Republican; those days are over. There are still strong conservative leanings within the military, however, a recent poll that notes Mitt Romney has 58 percent support among veterans vs. President Obama’s 34 percent.  This 34 percent number among military personnel for President Obama is a very significant number because it that shows the military is no longer to be taken for granted as a bastion of conservatism. Both parties can seek their support — and it boils down to policy that matters. President Obama has ended the war in Iraq and is on track to pull the U.S. out of Afghanistan. Today we can find comfort in his strong leadership knowing fewer Americans will die and that soon our focus will be back on America.


The Progressive Latino (TPL)  is a blogger who established the blog “The Progressive Latino”. TPL believes the Progressive Movement is poised to transform America into a nation where every citizen has a “fair shot” as President Obama said, and that all citizens, especially those less fortunate have assured social and economic safety nets to carry them in their time of need. Although the U.S. Latino community makes up approximately 1 of 6 Americans, their voices are only beginning to be heard. Latinos can have a voice in their future. TPL seeks to inform, educate, enlighten and to advocate for progressive policies.


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