Obviously, I had a lot to say about education. So much to say, in fact, that I wrote a 4-part series about it and still couldn’t say it all. My head was brimming over the top with opinions, observations, and accusations that rendered me restless. I was hoping to be purged of it all after Part 4, but a few limbs had to be severed for the sake of concise compositional flow, and now, like something out of a horror flick, they’ve taken on lives of their own and they’re out to get me. The kicking and punching and hair-pulling won’t stop until I give them their moment in the sun.

So without further ado, I present to you the “Stumped” Series bonus features, deleted scenes, blooper reel, blah blah blah:

*One of the most fussed-about maladies in American schooling, and rightly so, is the “achievement gap.” Anyone who’s taken Sociology 101 knows that the reason behind this is the fact that school districts are funded by their region’s property taxes. Why isn’t anybody addressing that? Books, movies, and endless hours of hearings have been devoted to closing the gap, yet to my knowledge nobody is publicly offering an alternative to this institutional economic oppression.

If you’re not interested in attacking the real cause of the gap, you’re ignorant at best and an aristocratic racist at worse. Either way, you’re not helping, so stay the hell out of this conversation until you come to your senses.

*Perhaps the biggest lie our schools teach us is that knowledge is fixed; either something’s correct or it’s incorrect, and the only people qualified to make that call are “experts,” meaning people with advanced degrees.

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This is dangerous. A hundred and some odd years ago, Harvard Medical School published reports which stated that the brains of African-, Irish-, and Italian-Americans were smaller than those of Anglo-Americans. As recently as the 1970’s, diagnostic manuals written by Ph.D’s classified homosexuality as a mental illness. Education literally functions as a tool of oppression. I’m sure that decades from now, people will look back on what we currently regard as the truth with the same disdain we have for those aforementioned past examples.

So why are we still caught in the same cycle of waiting for those same “experts” to discredit the ones that came before them? When (and how) are we going to get a step ahead of them and fact-check for ourselves?

*More than a few of my educated, upwardly mobile friends have told me that they envy me for having the nerve to not live like they do.

Well, I’ve scraped the vaults to dust. It’s 6:17 a.m. and I have yet to sleep. I’m spent. The End.