Of Thee I Sing

In less than the time it took for a waitress to take my order for eggs and deliver them promptly, I watched the news long enough to see four incidences of vicious, mind-boggling violence that ended in such things as murder, cannibalism, and the chopping off of limbs.  Call me crazy, but maybe the Mayans were right when they predicted the end of times.

I haven’t watched cable for extended periods of time in years. I decided to turn off the television and stop watching the news, choosing instead to ignore sensationalism, create happiness through laughter, and pay attention to the positive. In doing so, I took to reading the news and focusing on how to entertain based on the immediate occurrences directly around me. Yes,  its simplistic, but it can also be shockingly effective. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

I get the feeling I did the right thing this time. While I pay attention to the world around me, I tend to tune out the propaganda-laden news, and try to work towards improving the world around me. Somehow, the task seems daunting as I watch buses pass by me sensationalizing the war mentality through dramatic fantasy and beautiful women.

I agree that people should feel passionate about their lives, push towards bettering their futures and work hard. I agree that there have been countless injustices that have transpired to unassuming victims over the years, financially and legally. But, if we continually focus on the things that makes us angry, we run the risk of taking a road of anger to arrive at the most severe of responses.

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Cause and effect, action and reaction. A baby drinks milk. The same baby has a wet diaper. A man watches violence and murder over and over again. The same man, consequently, wants to cradle a baby koala bear in his arms and rock it to sleep? Could be, I guess. If he had magical powers and a lifetime supply of vanilla cake batter.  Simple, right?

Many better educated people than myself have said it before: the media is a tool to manipulate masses and further an agenda. We find ourselves in a time of perpetual war (with absolutely everything), watching powerlessly as untouchable men vie for control of billions of lives and a debt of trillions.  It is an inevitability that one will be victorious over the other, but where does that leave me?

Reading Orwell’s 1984 back in college and disagreeing with the future of my country.


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