Week Ended June 3, 2012 – Wrapping it Up

We’re at the end of another week – one that began with thoughts about service to this country. We paid tribute to our troops on Memorial Day, and we remembered President John F. Kennedy on his birthday. We also took note that paying tribute is simply not enough; actions speak louder than words and many of us are long past the stage of hearing “support the troops” and then seeing congress and political candidates do not much more than entertain thoughts of more battles when it’s clear that a world without senseless wars would be the best way to honour those who serve on our behalf. If they have to fight, make sure it’s not because the super greedy among us need people to fight their battles for them under the guise of patriotic duty.

And speaking of duty, it’s our obligation to investigate what we hear in order to make informed decisions that will avert disastrous results. Just because the GOP takes pride in dumbing itself down doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to follow suit. We know that they’re good at twisting messages and living in their own world — which is all the more reason why we must be better by calling out bullshit nonsense, hatred and hypocrisy when we see it.

How do we do that? Get active. Fight for real reform. Don’t move backwards by isolating ourselves. Why are we still allowing our political system to be run by the few and bought off by the wealthy (and the crazy)? Our media is complicit in this; slanted polls, misrepresentation of facts…no wonder so many are being tricked into voting against their own interests.

Time is running out. We have many pressing issues to resolve: the environment (and how it affects us and our neighbours in the north), drugs and violence, gun control, the health of our citizens, and moving forward in Afghanistan are just a few examples. We also need to make a concerted effort towards education reform so that kids in school today don’t become tomorrow’s leftovers in the global marketplace. And in our efforts to move forward, we can’t protect the rights of some while ignoring the rights of others — even when we don’t like what others have to say or how they live their lives. But, though the road ahead promises to be tough, keeping our leaders’ feet on the right path will give us a better future to believe in.

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