Senior Support for Mitt?

A recent poll (polls...yeah, I know…) mentioned that Mitt Romney is leading President Obama in support from senior citizens. Other polls and articles have noted that of those who support Romney, a large number would be more likely to cast a vote against the POTUS rather than for R-Money. Regardless of the poll and how the results may be (mis)interpreted, a very important question must be asked: Who are those seniors supporting Romney, and what they thinking?

Let’s get a few facts on the table. If you’re a senior citizen there’s a good chance that:

  • you’re retired or would like to retire of your own free will someday;
  • you are considered by many ‘job creators’ to be unemployable because you’re too old for the workplace (liabilities, you know…);
  • you are using whatever resources you earned, saved and contributed to over the years to fund your lavish lifestyle (e.g. having a roof over your head and eating at regular intervals — how selfish of you).
You have every right to support Mitt Romney. But do you have a good reason? If you insist on supporting him, let’s look at a few other facts:
  • Mitt considers Social Security and Medicare “entitlement programs” — but he doesn’t think, despite your years of contributions, that you are “entitled” to receive benefits from those programs. And why should you be? The 1% needs its tax cuts. Additionally, Mitt’s bright idea is to partially privatise Social Security and have individuals divert some of their contributions into private investment accounts. Hmmm…where have we heard this before? Who would get to manage those private accounts? His buddies on Wall Street!
  • Privatisation of your 401K. Didn’t we hear enough of that from George Dubya, that is, before the stock market tanked and took your life savings? How’d that work out for you? Keep in mind that Wall Street is still Wall Street; as long as they’re allowed to, they’ll behave badly. The hard, cold, miserable fact is that if  the market sinks, and your retirement funds are in the stock market, you can’t plan on retiring when you think you should. You have to work. Oh, and by the way, these days, try finding one of those GOP job creators who is willing to hire someone who is at or near retirement age.
  • Medicare. According to Senior Journal, Obamacare has saved people on Medicare $3.5 billion on prescription drugs. And why is this a problem for the Right? Because, in their mind, large insurance companies don’t get to collect what they used to — but that’s pure greed because Obamacare has broadened the pool of covered citizens.

The battle over Medicare and Social Security often happens in the face of incorrect information. Bottom line? Before you toss your vote to the GOP’s Rominee, get your facts straight.







  1. What about the rest of the seniors, and for that matter some of the younger folks who intend to vote for Willard?, Thanks that you’ve shared.

  2. Brooklyn Dame says

    Well, that’s one explanation, Larry? What about the rest of the seniors and, for that matter, some of the younger folks who intend to vote for Willard?


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