An Open Letter to the DNC Re: Scott Walker

Dear DNC:

Have you lost your f-in’ collective minds? I mean, WTF?!? Were you unaware that a potential watershed election was going on in Wisconsin? In case you were ignorant to that fact, we had a real opportunity to pick off perhaps the most ideologically extreme governor in the country, and we blew it. Since you either acted with egregious incompetence, or you were light on requisite information (yeah, right), let me characterize the depths of your misguidance.

For illustrative purposes, let’s start with what every politico-phile and armchair news junkie knew on Tuesday: Republican governor Scott Walker faced a recall challenge and rematch against Democrat Tom Barrett on Tuesday (elections are always on Tuesday by the way, and every idiot realizes that they should be held on Saturdays to encourage turnout). This was no ordinary race. As it turns out, it was an epic battle of good vs. evil, yang vs. yin (yes, that’s the right order for this example — have a little faith!), smart vs. ignorant, David vs. Goliath, dark vs. light, collective good vs. egocentric individuality, Lennon vs. McCartney (some might consider Lennon on the opposite side of that dichotomy, but you’re wrong! Digression: Very few single preferences can reveal as much about a person as one’s favorite Beatle… 😉 ), Richards vs. Jagger…common sense vs. austerity…Huck Finn vs. Tom Sawyer (OK, that’s a stretch)…anyway, you hopefully got my point…because I could go on and on and on and on….  So, guess what happened? Evil won the day. And that leaves me wholly bemused…hence this correspondence.

What is so confusing about this whole matter is the manner in which the DNC left Tom Barrett twisting in the wind like a wet pinwheel. They allowed Barrett to be outspent byWalker7 ½ to 1! It’s just unfathomable in such a crucial election. And it has nothing to do with Barrett being such a great guy (although he may be). It has to do with the draconian and wrongheaded ideology that Scott Walker represents. And in the wake ofWalker’s triumph, it just may be virulent as well. The GOP will attempt to use this as a launching pad for November.

In addition to hurting real people and families (and the GOP claim to be pro-family…oh, that’s right…pro-wealthy family) by his union busting and austerity measures (cutting, cutting, cutting), Walker’s status as darling of the extreme right wing (a.k.a., the broad GOP these days) will encourage more of the same on the national stage. What is so wrongheaded about a little belt-tightening during hard times? Sounds reasonable…  Here’s what: IT MAKES THINGS WORSE! I will not rehash my recent post titled The GOP, Seinfeld, Woody Allen and the Case Against Austerity herein, but suffice it to say that Europe lately embarked on that odyssey and they are on the precipice of a economic calamity. So there’s direct, recent and relevant proof that austerity is not the panacea the Right claims it to be during tough economic times. Regardless of this fact, the GOP will point to Walker’s austerity program as a ticket to electoral success and attempt to emulate it….which will put them even more squarely at odds with what President Obama is trying to achieve…if that’s possible.

Walker’s win could also substantively influence the outcome inWisconsin in November, despite President Obama’s current lead in the polls (a Marquette Law School poll showed a 9% edge just last week). And let’s not forget the honest, hardworking folks of Wisconsin who have to live under Walker’s brutal regime for at least another four years.

So, DNC, can you tell me why you didn’t pull out all the stops on this one? I mean really, outspent 7 ½ to 1?  I realize you have a President to re-elect, but this is unforgivable. Let’s hope the electoral and ideological momentum you let the GOP walk away with on Tuesday isn’t infectious, or we’ll all be, well…infected.  



A Concerned Citizen


  1. spot on! they, 2 say the least, really dropped the ball on this 1. i just knew Walker was going 2 b yesterday’s news. def 1 of those wtf moments

    • Rich Abete says

      Thanks Nikki! I thought I was alone! I haven’t heard anyone else get really pissed off about this, and it was clearly a glaring lapse of strategy and acumen on the part of the DNC. They should have done EVERYTHING they could have for Barrett. Thanks again!

      • Brooklyn Dame says

        No, you’re definitely not alone. Some of us are just too stunned to speak. I stayed up to watch the results and found myself nearly dry heaving at the thought that the election could have even been close. I ended up bitch-slapping a conservative troll on Twitter who insisted that, with a 70% turnout, the results were as they should be and the rest of us are “maroons” for thinking otherwise. 70% turnout was remarkable, yes, but the bozo didn’t look at what shocked me: the nearly 8-to-1 outspend and, more importantly, the information that said DEMS didn’t show up to anywhere near the degree that Repubs did. WHAT THE LIVING EFF is THAT about? How much more has to be stripped away before people realise that they’re under fire? UGGGHHHH!

        • I dont know about anybody else, but I thought this recall election was cut and dried and the DNC didnt NEED to spend so much money getting rid of Walker.
          I am missing something here. Huge turnouts for demonstrations, gobs and gobs of news coverage, a hint that Walker may soon be under criminal investigation…. and he wins the election?


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