Just the Facts: People are Crazy

I wanted to get “just the facts” this morning in order to get a positive and cheery start to my day. With that in mind, I clicked my way towards Fox News. Stop your judgement, and give me a second to explain.

Our country has become so divided, and we prefer to inform ourselves about the things that directly interest us or with which we agree. This, though, does not fully present the necessary details to create an informed citizen. I like to pretend like I know stuff. Well…

Image: iClipArt

I swallowed hard and began to read. I opted against clicking on the “Disasters” button. Is it not appalling that this major news source has a button to read about disasters?  Great way to feed into the appetite of rubber-neckers in America. Maybe that’s why I was stuck in traffic for nearly an hour over a truck sliding down the side of an expressway yesterday.

The first click took me to a story about a poll taken on the issues that divide the country over specific issues in the presidential race. The second click took me to a story entitled, “Wife Hits Husband with SUV After Fight Over Wisconsin Recall Election.”

I have a little rubber-necker in me too. I couldn’t help it. See, this is how they get you.  Preposterous.  I am so ashamed.  I read on to find out that a woman had hit her husband with their car while he was trying to prevent her from leaving to vote again in the Wisconsin recall Democratic Primary. The Republican husband had apparently jumped onto the hood of the SUV during the altercation. And, and after being “nudged” with the car, the man was “struck while his wife was swerving around him.”

With just the facts in mind, the article quotes the man’s brother, saying “These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap.”  Shocking how direct and without opinion this news was.

A man jumped on the hood of a moving vehicle to stop his wife from voting.  Fox News makes it seem like not only is he an innocent victim, but that the liberal mindset is to blame. I’m blaming that lil’ bit of crazy that these two people deal with every day in their lives. People who are crazy will always have an excuse to do crazy things.  Politics would just be one of them.

I have to give it to FNC, though.  They did mention that the two had previous run-ins with the police and are currently separated. But, like in this piece, that information was secondary.

Ah, the facts.  I’m so glad I know what’s happening in the world.  And now, so do you.  You’re welcome.


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