June 10, 2012 – Wrap It Up and Move Forward

Image: Thinkstock

Milestones. When we look at things on a week-to-week basis, it may not appear that much has changed, but when we look at the broader picture we realise that baby steps brought us to where we are now. Sometimes, we have to wrap things up neatly, stick a bow on it and move on.

This week covered a broad spectrum: we saw pageantry in the UK with the Queen’s Jubilee, and we saw the continued effects of austerity programs. Polar opposites. What the opulence shows is that so many — whether human or other forms of animal life — are ‘broke’, even if they’re not broken. The common thread is that whether we’re talking about caring for the mentally ill, or whether we’re talking about providing support for the creatures we call ‘man’s best friend‘ we can do much better than we are. Charity begins right here and right now, and we have the power to change things to the way we want them to be.

But how are we going to get there given our priorities? The wealth gap requires more than a ladder  to climb: we need the jaws of life to open the grip that the top 1% of the 1% have on our collective throats budgets — and when power and money are the focus, there is little time to focus on inequity and persistent inequality. The problems are alive and well and we need to deal with them.

We can’t deal with anything that we can’t admit is a problem, and finding out where the problems are means getting informed. And speaking of getting informed, WTF happened in Wisconsin this week? Well, whatever happened it can’t be changed now; we have to learn from it and  move on — and show that we still have the power of our votes. There’s too much at stake if we want to rebalance the scales and remove away from mediocrity and hypocrisy. We’ve got bigger problems to solve that require our full support — so there’s no energy to waste on political gamesmanship.

Why are we so used to politicians screwing us over and thinking that’s just the way it is (side eye to Rick Scott and Scott Walker)? Are we just so used to choosing the lesser of two evils that we just can’t fathom choosing the best? Without attention to these matters, we’ll be wondering if a ‘Spring Movement’ is just the beginning; justice will have to find its way here to fight the inequality.

There’s a long way to go until we get to where we need to be — so, along the way, let’s educate, entertain and eradicate the borders between us.


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