America The Broken

I hate what our America has become under the GOP.

Our America has become a swaggering, imperialistic, bullying Billionaire Boys Club, drawing a line in our planetary dust and daring anyone to step over it.

An America where if you fall out of lockstep with the obstructionist right-wing House majority – the folks who are truly running things these days, whether you’re gay, you support a woman’s choice, you’re a Muslim, a liberal – or you simply believe that a person’s religion or sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue…no, if you fall out of the lockstep, that marching FOX-watching army of wingnut zombies will simply march right over you – and either haul you up back into lockstep with duct tape over your mouth, or they’ll silence you a different way, with vituperation and blistering scorn, calling you “anti-American“. They may even silence you forever, as extreme rightwinger Scott Roeder silenced Dr. George Tiller with a bullet to the head.

That’s not MY America.

MY America is a place where freedom exists and the price of freedom is willingly paid – as it did in the minds of those who labored over our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They literally put their lives on the line for the dream embodied in those three magnificent words, “We The People.”

MY America is a place where honor rules our nation’s dealings with the world community. We erase that line in the planetary dust, and we say to the world, “here we are – let’s make this thing work – together.” To look at it naively, I suppose, we all sit down together and sing “Kumbayah” – not such a bad idea, since to do that, we have to sit down together, put our weapons down and create harmony – which is what peace is all about, right?

MY America is a place where all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law.

MY America is a place where every child receives the proper vaccinations and medical care to grow up strong and healthy, where no one has to choose between buying groceries or going to the doctor.

MY America is a place where there is a safety net for those among us who are …broken…the mentally ill, the disabled, orphans, the homeless, the elderly, those who have lost their jobs.

MY America is a place where love, trust, strong bonds and commitment are not embodied only in a solemn contract between men and women, but between two people who love each other.

A girl can dream, right?


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