“…that’s, that, that, that, that issue was passed.”

“…that’s, that, that, that, that issue was passed” …That was Rick Santorum responding to questions regarding his support for Mitt Romney. Santorum just can’t get out the enthusiasm for his fellow Republican and presidential nominee — what’s up with that? Maybe he knows what many others know.

How about 40 thousand jobs lost as governor of Massachusetts?

How about being 47th in the nation for job creation?

How about his outsourcing of jobs?

How about when he cut taxes for millionaires while increasing taxes and fees on Massachusetts’ middle class?

How about his leaving his state $2.6 billion deeper (yes deeper) in debt?

All this while governor of Massachusetts:

Yes, maybe Santorum knows all too well that when Mitt tells us that he knows how jobs are created that, that, that, that, that just is not so:


President Obama saved us from a depression, the cause of which was, in part, Republican economic policies under former President Bush. He went on to grow jobs consistently for month after month. Has he created enough jobs?  No — but then really could anyone have done more given the obstructionist Congress that fought everything he proposed and still does to this day?

Our President was, from day 1, up against the opposition’s agenda: to make him a one-term president.  President Obama knows how to create jobs – 26 months of private sector growth. Mitt only says he knows how — but with no record to point to he just takes credit for President saving General Motors. Tell us if you can think of some major accomplishment Romney can point us to.

The Progressive Latino dares you!


Picture:  Reuters/Jeff Haynes

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