Come On Kids, Piece America Together

Have you ever watched a group of children try and solve puzzles?

Image: Shutterstock

Some children dive right in, grab the pieces and start shoving and pushing them together.  They focus on three or four pieces, trying to find the right way to connect the elements as they go along. The problem to solve is in the forefront of the situation. They see the immediate.  They are concerned with the specifics of each side of each piece.

Other children take their time. It seems, at first, that they aren’t interested in solving the puzzle. You witness them as they slowly move towards the group. They watch the others already highly involved in their problem solving work intensely on their separate parts. If you watch closely, you can see the child that hangs back may also have the cover of the puzzle box in his hand. He may look at it for an extended period of time. At this moment, if you are impatient, you may consider chastising this child, “Get to work already!”  If you do, you may not realize that he already has.

The second type of child, as he has already taken a good look at the situation from the outside, with the image of the puzzle in his hand, will move in and help the solving along as he lets other handle the more specific details. In the end, eventually, the puzzle is solved.  All children involved in the process had a hand in putting all the pieces in their place.

The people we are today, and the roles we tend to take, are largely influenced by the roles we took as children. Visit a playground or work with kids for a day: you will inevitably see yourself in the group somewhere. Would you be working immediately on one of the parts of the project? Would you hang back at first, taking a little bit longer to connect the bigger projects?

In light of watching the latest bout of speeches in the Presidential race, I took to wondering who each presidential candidate would be in this scenario.  I challenge the reader to wonder the same thing. And given that challenge, try and see which would work best in putting the puzzle of a broken America back together.


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