June 17, 2012 – Wrap it Up

We wrap us this week on Father’s Day. Though this day is meant for celebration, it’s also a day on which those of us who acknowledge that we have wonderful influences in our lives can be thankful.

During challenging times, it’s easy to reflect on all that isn’t going as well as we hope but, for the sake of moving forward, it’s good to take stock of how far we’ve come before we look at how much more remains to be done.

During the week, BNV’s writers talked about power and its limitations; understanding one another across different cultures; how we treat ourselves and the creatures we share this planet with; and what it means to do what we all do — grow older (and face whatever comes along with that, whether it’s in sickness or in health). We all know that every week presents new challenges, but we have to ensure that we examine new options to see where we fit in and how best to resolve our problems.

Where do we start?

Well, on Father’s Day, perhaps it’s best to begin with the youngest among us; lead by example. Teach them that they should look at all sides of an equation before choosing what’s best. Make sure they know that even if something appears broken it doesn’t have to stay that way. Let them see that they have to make their own informed choices because not everyone who appears smart or successful will take actions that are in the best interests of many of us. Inform them that they should listen to their own voice, rather than those of paid shills with a selfish corporate agenda. Instruct them to pay attention to the messages and support that others receive, and from whom. And, with much guidance, expose them to other tried and true ways of doing things. With your support, the youngsters will grow up to be fully functioning, self-containedself-stabilising individuals who can behave like adults.

Finally, let them know that not all is bleak — if we educate and entertain, we can eradicate a few borders along the way!