Zimmerman Donors: A Pack of Gun-loving Schmucks

We’ve watched, over these months, as the racists and gun-toters scurry to provide cover for George Zimmerman (and, in case you’re living in a plastic bubble, he’s the Florida murderous vigilante neighborhood watch volunteer who pursued, shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old black kid named Trayvon Martin, was charged with 2nd degree murder, and is now claiming self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law), and the clamor has certainly allowed the leopard to show its spots.  And what spots they are.

Now, forgive me for chortling and gloating just a bit now after the release of the recorded calls between Zimmerman and wife Shellie about the use of the “legal defense” donations from their website – but this should be interesting. Let’s see whether the gun nut schmucks who donated to George Zimmerman’s “defense fund” hate blacks – particularly young black hoodied males, like Trayvon Martin – more than they hate the gun-toting dude who ripped them off and is planning a walk into the sunset with wifey on their largesse.  If the hating black thing prevails, they’ll pretend they don’t care that they got swindled.  If, on the other hand, they don’t like being made to look like fools, maybe they’ll sue Zimmerman and wifey for their money back.

Public domain CCO image of Shellie Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is back in jail, having had his bond revoked as a result of lying to the court about the money – tens of thousands of dollars, in fact – he claimed he didn’t have. His wife was arrested for perjury for the same set of shenanigans. He’s a murderous con artist, and she’s only slightly better.  He has a new bond hearing on June 29th, but it’s doubtful he’ll fare well given these recorded convos – such as this one, where Zimmerman and wife Shellie talk in a code a 5-year-old could crack:

“Shellie:  Hello.

Zimmerman:  Hi babe.

Shellie:  Hi honey.

Zimmerman:  Hey how are you?

Shellie:  I’m great, how are you?

Zimmerman:  . . . . you still at the bank . . . everything work then?  So when you get home maybe Suzy can text Ken and tell him he can start doing that again . . .

Shellie:  So what we’ve been doing all along he can start doing again. 

Zimmerman:  . . . You should put a reminder on your phone to call him and make sure that he does it every day and that you transfer from mine to yours every day . . . 

 [Wife repeats instructions.]

 Zimmerman:  And remind Ken too . . . No, Ken’s gonna go from Peter Pan to me . . .

[Wife repeats instructions.]

Zimmerman: Good job. I’m proud of you, I knew you could do it.

Shellie:  Thanks, honey. It’s so much better now thank god . . . [Backtalk @ the bank.] I’m gonna mute you, okay?

Zimmerman:  When you get home please, please pay off some of the bills . . . make sure you pay the right American Express and everything . . . pay everything off . . . but not the most two recent . . . And remember to send Wendy hers . . . our landlord . . . Remember to pay Wendy . . . Hey listen to me in my account do I have at least 100 dollars . . . ? How close am I . . .  . So total everything, how much are we looking at?

Shellie:  Like 155 dollars. 

Zimmerman:  Okay . . . I would very much like it if you give Suzy a copy of all those passwords . . . And . . . right away as soon as she gets her account I would put another ten in hers . . . Just do it right away while you’re there . . . put ten in yours and ten in Suzy’s every day.

[Wife repeats instructions.]

Shellie:  I’m proud of you for staying strong . . . .

Zimmerman:  I’m so proud of you . . . thank you.

Shellie:  Of course.

So many gun-loving, Zimmerman-defending schmucks, so little time.

Take The National Association for Legal Gun Defense, an organization that stands behind gun owners involved in “self defense” shootings and whose motto is, “I have a gun in my pocket and a lawyer by my side.” Though its spokesperson, Texas lawyer Blue Rannefeld, NAFLGD offered $10,000 toward George Zimmerman’s defense. According to the Huffington Post, money is just pouring in to Zimmerman’s defense fund.  Sean Hannity, always running true to form, has fund-raised for Zimmerman, accounting for about $6,000 of the “defense fund.”  About a thousand bucks a day is what the Zimmermans are collectively collecting since Zimmerman’s happy ass was sent back to jail for lying to the court.

When the National Association for Legal Gun Defense announced its generous donation, the astounding and joyous news (well, joyous at least to the happy-another-black-kid-was-killed enthusiasts and Zimmerman supporters and gun worshipers) of this generous offer was posted on the Free Republic website – a site dedicated to unapologetic racists and boneheads.

bimboeruption:  As soon as Spike Lee and the Black Panthers find out where Zimmerman is, then that $10,000 can go for his funeral expenses.

bimboeruption:  This situation has escalated out of control. It’s clear for the sake of justice, Zimmerman will need help. I’m glad he’s finally getting it . . . The media and the race hustlers saw to that. Where’s the “New White Cougars” or something like that to form a protective bodyguard for Zimmerman and put out a bounty on anyone threatening to interfere with his safety and due process? 
Freddd:  . . . He’s in such danger from the braying savages that people can’t even help him. I wonder how that poor man feels right now, seeing that even LE is doing nothing about the “bounty” (hit) that has been put out on him.
RegulatorCountry:  given the growing lynch mob mentality and mounting sum offered as a bounty. And the cowardice and complicity of anyone in a position of power with a microphone, in not denouncing the hit on him and promises to bring to justice anyone who acts on it. I never want to hear about a “high tech lynching” again, when here we have the threat of the real thing and not a peep out of the coward politicians from either side, except the ones running their big mouths to pander to the savages. 
bimboeruption:  I went to the local gun store this morning…the parking lot was overflowing.  Smith & Wesson, LMT, and others on LONG back order list.
HerrBlucher:  . . . This stuff is going to keep building and building. Whites are expected to continue to keep a lid on while the pressure builds. We know how that works, like a pressure cooker. The lid will blow sky high.
Cheerio:  I can only hope that with all the latitude the “oppressed” minorities have to show their “true colors”, so to speak, the white kids aren’t so indoctrinated that they no longer even believe their own eyes and ears after repeated incidents like this. If this is all going to lead to CWII, I wish we’d get on with it while we still have the numbers and our right to keep and bear arms. I only say “if” that is the case. Otherwise, we’re all going to be living in Detroit or South Africa and utter anarchy, not a world any civilised people would want to live in.
P-Marlowe:  As soon as Spike Lee and the Black Panthers find out where Zimmerman is, then that $10,000 can go for his funeral expenses. The result of American liberalism is black people promoting lynch mobs. 
hinckley buzzard:  . . . I wish I would have ordered the LMT gas piston carbine I want last year. It was in stock then, now there’s a waiting list.  America is getting ready.
An unarmed black kid is dead, at the hands of a guy these people are depicting as some kind of victim.  The con artist murderer, with the help of his shyster wife, is taking their donated money and paying off his American Express bill.  The white right is readying itself, arming itself, for a race war.  The future participants of this racial unrest worry that white kids will be so “indoctrinated” they won’t be able to fully function as racists.
These are the Zimmerman apologists, more racist than they are smart.  These “hinckley buzzard” types are representative of those who are getting swindled by this dude they’re defending so vehemently, but are probably okay with it because at least there’s one less black kid on the earth.
And these people refer to Black people as “baying savages?”


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