Nine Resources to Change Your Relationship with Money

I assume you get all your personal finance news and nuggets from me, and need no other information ever… ha!  But if you WERE to want more than what you see here each weekend, I present to you nine of my favorite resources for managing your money, your career, and your life.  A shot of personal finance goodness in your inbox every day.  Geared toward (and written by) women, but I bet the guys could learn something from it too.

Karie Hill’s blog.  Karie Hill is a friend and a fabulous financial freedom coach.  Her blog is always chock-full of goodness.  This is one of my favorite posts because it’s so simple and yet so groundbreaking.

The Mint blog.  The leader in personal finance on the Web has a great blog, ranging in topics (just this week) from cloth diapering to tankless water heaters to minimalism as a personal finance strategy.

Brene’ Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection.  This book isn’t actually about money—it’s about life (of which money is a part).  Every person in the world should read this book.  I read it about every six months, and every time I come away with something new and different.

Tara Gentile.  If you are an entrepreneur, or simply engaged in a service business, you owe it to yourself and your business to avail yourself of Tara’s awesomeness.  Case in point?  This.  To the point and amazing.

TurboTax Tax Tools.  A free site from the makers of TurboTax software, this resource has tax guides, tips, calculators, and even how-to videos.  If you’re not fluent in IRS code, this should be your first stop when you have a tax question.

Peaces of Prosperity.  A very cool series for the month of June, hosted by Bridget Pilloud.  35 different perspectives on what prosperity means.

SmartMoney.  A personal finance blog run by the Wall Street Journal.  This one tends to get a little technical but also has some great info.

Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money.  Hands down, my favorite book about what money means in our lives and how we can use it to effect drastic and lasting changes.  If I could recommend one book about money to everyone I know, this would be it.

If any of these resources make your heart flutter, or if you have something you think I need to know about, please leave me a comment here or on Facebook!


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