June 24, 2012 – Weekly Wrap Up

Here on a Sunday, after watching the political pundits and “experts” do their partisan pontification, I’m thinking this: What were they thinking? Seriously…WHAT were they thinking?

Whenever the television is on, it’s inevitable that some news segment, (unreal) reality show or special report will air that makes that particular question the only logical thing to ask — but, in our world, “WTF?” is also a recurring question. Whether we’re witnessing mob violence destroy the innocent or ridiculous GOP congressmen silencing their female colleagues over use of the word “VAGINA,” it seems like crazy has taken hold and doesn’t want to let go. It’s no wonder there’s so much to rant about these days.

At BNV, here’s where we find our sanity: we question the stories until we learn the facts, wrap some of them in satire, have a little fun poking holes in every irrational argument we find — and then we tackle hypocrisy head on. How would we break down borders without doing that?

Frankly, we really don’t have a choice; after all, what’s the alternative? We can’t crumble. We won’t allow ourselves to be bullied or ruled by people who, by their actions, make it clear that all of this a joke.

We know all isn’t lost. We’re looking beyond our borders at what is happening internationally. Despite the greatness of this society, there are many answers to be found in the global community. We still have much to resolve here; we make that clear every time we put profits before people or put unfair laws in place that are easily manipulated by some. But the great thing is that we have the ability to examine everything that impacts us and the very environment in which we live and, from there, we can make changes such that we live in a place that is able and willing to protect all of its people — both citizens and those who hope to be — equally. Thankfully, here we have checks and balances to keep the system from running (too) afoul of itself.  Most of the time, they work.