Romney Revealed – Yet Again!

Several news media have suggested that Mitt Romney cannot win the presidency without the Latino vote. I’m not so sure about this, as what matters is voter turnout.

As we all know now, President Obama, fed up with the do nothing, obstructionist Congress, acted on his own by issuing an executive order stopping deportation of young Latinos, and allowing them to continue in college. President Obama, now leads Romney in several key battleground states and Latino enthusiasm has increased (see this poll at Latino Decisions). Is this politics? Likely but, then again, he did it after the Right-wing had the opportunity but instead blocked the Dream Act when it was introduced into legislation by the Democrats in 2010. So for all the hollering by the Right and whether the executive order is constitutional blah, blah, blah – the right is not on firm ground here. The facts – not spin – do speak for themselves.

On Monday, Romney finally talked about immigration, specifically the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration law, and guess what?  You bet! He stated that “more latitude, not less, should be given to the states.” This reveals what we already know: he is no friend of Latinos. Romney has lost credibility among Latinos and is now losing it among those who may think he can create jobs better than President Obama.

Image: “Outsourcer in Chief”

Just this past Thursday, the Washington Post released a piece on Romney’s involvement as a pioneer in outsourcing jobs overseas. According to ThinkProgress, “Bain “invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India.” In one example, Bain was the largest shareholder in a company called Modus Media, which “specialized in helping companies outsource their manufacturing.” So there you have it — and this is fact, not spin. Romney was not just involved in outsourcing but was a “pioneer” in this movement!!

Last but not least if you don’t know on Thursday the Supreme Court will reveal their decision on the Affordable (Health) Care Act and the infamous mandate. Bottom line:  it is well documented that the idea for the individual mandate is an idea of the Right! The Hypocrisy of the right should be well known.


Special credit to ThinkProgress for the Outsourcer-in-Chief picture; this will be a classic!


The Progressive Latino (TPL)  is a blogger who established the blog “The Progressive Latino“. TPL believes the Progressive Movement is poised to transform America into a nation where every citizen has a “fair shot” as President Obama said, and that all citizens, especially those less fortunate have assured social and economic safety nets to carry them in their time of need. Although the U.S. Latino community makes up approximately 1 of 6 Americans, their voices are only beginning to be heard. Latinos can have a voice in their future. TPL seeks to inform, educate, enlighten and to advocate for progressive policies.



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