Foiling Peace

Whenever we hear the words, terrorist or bombing our minds immediately revert to Arabs.  The picture that one conjures in his/her mind is usually that of a tan-complexioned man with a turban wrapped around his head. This is the image mainstream media has programmed into the brain computer of the masses, quite effectively. We especially think this when it’s involving the region of the Middle East. Everyone knows the terrorists organizations Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda but how many are aware of Irgun or Lehi? Hamas and Hezbollah, the arch enemies of Israel, have become the symbol of death and violence and the perpetual scapegoat for the reason peace cannot be obtained in the region. But as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. As much as Israel likes to point the finger, every time it does so three more are pointing back at it.

One clear example of this includes the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel. On July 22nd a group of Israeli men dressed as Arabs entered the hotel carrying 350 kilograms of explosives. When they completed their mission 91 people were left dead and 45 injured. Irgun, led by Menachem Begin, who later went on to become Israel’s sixth Prime Minister, would continue to carry out some of the most atrocious acts of violence in the name of resistance. Sound familiar?

Was the bombing effective? Well I’ll leave it to you to determine that, however two years later the British packed up their things and withdrew and the state of Israel was established. I think it would be fair to write mission accomplished; the first mission at least. The following mission, creating and sustaining a Jewish (preferably Ashkenazi) ruling demographic, despite opposition, has triumphed as well. Many Israelis often say were it not for the Arabs Israel would be “hachi tov” — the best, something I emphatically disagree with.  You see if it weren’t for the Arabs who else would we blame?

Image: 123rf

Two weeks ago a Holocaust Memorial center in Jerusalem was vandalized and inciting slogans such as “If Hitler did not exist the Zionists would have invented him” spray painted on the walls. And who are the usual suspects police have arrested for this crime? Three ultra orthodox Jewish men. I suppose in between reading the Torah, praying and dodging their military service these “holy” men spend their spare time vandalizing buildings. They also stand accused of desecrating another memorial site in Jerusalem back in April.

Remind me again who the enemy is.


  1. Ron Burnett says

    Wow! Once again Mikki you are insightfully sharp! Piercing, actually… piercing through the misconception of honest yet contrived mass communication of fear and ignorance, which incidentally pervades Israeli society as well as American society and other western countries. Those responsible for the unyielding dissemination of misinformation must be HELD ACCOUNTABLE! And Mikki does this. Who else will be a Shield Against the Sword of Tyranny?