Wrap It Up, July 1, 2012

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We started the week with a simple question: “Where’s the humanity?” What made us think about this was an article from an overseas newspaper that reported a man died because of the lack of access to health care — caused, in part, by policy. We found ourselves understanding that processes and procedures allow organisations to run more efficiently, but when those same means of operational effectiveness result in loss of life, all for the sake of following codes, then those procedures should be re-evaluated. Circumstances such as that make us all the more thankful when we find people, such as Chief Justice Roberts, who are willing to step outside their own comfort zone to do things in ways that truly benefit others.  All it takes is one action to give us hope that we can affect change and build a foundation for greater progress if we stay focused and eliminate our confusion.

Speaking of progress, isn’t that what we need in this country to reclaim a position of economic and informational superiority? Regardless of why and to whom we like to point the fingers of blame, if we’re honest we will admit that this country lost its ‘first of the first world‘ position a long time ago. And, given the messages put forth by those in powerful leadership positions (e.g., ‘We’re not going to follow the law‘, etc) and their media/propaganda machines we, as voters, must be more careful than ever about those we seek to elevate to positions of national prominence if we’re ever going to regain a strong position.

In the end, all of us must realise that this country is not on its own; we have global neighbours to consider — and all of our systemic faults, if not corrected, will be as much of an obstruction to progress — both domestically and internationally — as the rabid reactionaries have been.

Let’s end this week remembering that we are seeing the beginnings of real change…but we still have a long way to go.


Time for Change image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net