Under Siege

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding the current global state of affairs.  Whether in the U.S., England, China or Nigeria the masses of the people are struggling just to survive. Why is that?  Why is living in the 21st century, when there is an abundance of resources, so arduous. Especially when the fact of the matter is it doesn’t have to be.  Of course if you were to listen to certain “experts” they would claim it’s because the world is over populated. There isn’t enough food to feed the world because there are too many mouths to feed.  And yet somehow there’s $1.2 trillion to spend on wars, $3.5 billion on vaccines, $1.3 billion on political campaigns, $3.3 billion spent on lobbying against laws to protect we the people against corporate malfeasance and 28 billion pounds of food is discarded in America alone each year. But what’s even more startling are the alarming masses who never make the correlation.  They never connect the dots; stop and question why, how can this be?  Is it because they aren’t concerned, apathetic or just enervated. I suppose when 100 percent of your mental energy is exerted laboring at a job where you’re perpetuating someone else’s vision, then trying to cipher how you’re going to pay x,y.z bills with only x,y income, there’s nothing left.  There’s nothing remaining in the cerebral cortex to even conceive of the idea of challenging the status quo.

Image: Dreamstime

How can I even begin to think about the social injustices going on 7,000 miles away much less around the corner because I’m too busy trying to stay alive.  I’m under siege.  You’re under siege.  We all are under siege, on multiple fronts.  We’ve got our enemy in the north, GMOs poisoning our food supply. Hovering in from the south, the Banking Cartel keeping us drowning in debt. From the east mass media manipulation. And guns blazing in from the west, state-sponsored terrorism under the guise of protecting us against the boogeyman. Oh the irony. Allow me to spy on you, record your telephone conversations, read your e-mail, search your person and, if necessary, indefinitely imprison you all in the name of keeping you safe?  And most of us buy it lock, stock and barrel. We somehow believe we need to be violated, our liberties and freedoms protected because there exist some imminent danger lurking in the shadows. Astonishingly, even as we are being defiled in the worst way, the thought never crosses our minds to stop and actually question the one who is telling us to bend over in the first place.  That perhaps it is he from whom we need protecting.

No the thought never crosses our minds.  Why how could it?  Our minds have been flooded with fluoridated water, BPA, aspartame, GMO vegetables, fruits and grains, chemically obliterating our brain cells. Our minds have been burdened down with student loan debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt. Our spirits have been enfeebled by a militarized police state where some authoritarian is constantly questioning and probing us, invading our privacy. So by the time we arrive home the only thing we are capable of ingesting is the latest episode of reality mind putrefying pallid debauchery.  We are under siege and most of us can’t even realize it.


  1. Mikki you had better preach lady! They don’t hear you! I wrote the very same thing a couple of weeks ago in my article “Control Through Apathy: The Illusion of American Freedom”. Mikki I believe you stated the problem far more eloquently than I ever could have. Smashing piece of writing!

  2. I agree. Most of us are just living day to day trying to make it. I am most often shaken into reality when I see a situation whether better or worse than mine. That is when I stop and think, hum….WTH!!!


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