Jan Brewer: The Face of Arizona

I just discovered that Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona does not have a college degree. Born in California, Brewer attended Glendale Community College where she received a Radiology Technologist certificate, but never earned a degree.  Perhaps this is why she has cut funding for Arizona’s education state-wide.

The irony, here, is that Jan Brewer got into politics by joining her local school board because she was interested in her childrens’  education. Of course, it is unlikely that her children would get far in life these days without a college degree. Brewer supports the Christian Coalition’s position in favor of school vouchers, thus ensuring that private and religious schools receive government funding.

But Governor Brewer will not commit to applying excess tax revenues to restore funding cuts made to education, according to the Arizona Daily Star on September 12, 2011. Nor would she go on record then, or since, to protect education from additional cuts in future budget talks. The Governor does commit to spending the surplus wisely — though she doesn’t say upon what.

In regard to President Obama’s comments to the effect that public education must be supported, Brewer says, “I tend to agree with him on that,” even though she is well-known for disagreeing with the President on immigration policy and other issues. “We all know that education is the bottom line for our economy. We’ve got to have an educated workforce to get industry to come to our state.”  How she reconciles cutting support for education in Arizona with these lofty goals is anyone’s guess.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.


  1. Bob Mortland says

    I love these arrogant liberals that look down their noses at anyone that isn’t as highly educated as they are. There is no correlation between education and common sense. Unfortunately, our “government” schools are not doing a very good job at either. How do you like our education scores compared to the rest of the world? If I was poor and had children attending a failing school system, I would pray for a voucher system.

    • Here’s one arrogant liberal who looks down my nose at Jan Brewer. I do so, however, not because she hasn’t a college degree but, rather, because she appears, judging by her speeches, writings and actions to be a moron of the first water. Nor has this a thing to do with common sense. When Barbara drew this cartoon, we were concerned at the massive budget cuts that Brewer had pushed through in Arizona. We assumed that she, herself, was educated but, due to her political aggression, she wanted the poorer citizens of Arizona to remain uneducated. Nor can you talk about the quality of public education which, I agree, in general, is worse now than at almost any time in our history, without considering that it’s just the sort of budget cuts that Brewer pushed for which have wrecked public education.