Weekly Wrap – July 8, 2012

This week we celebrated the nation’s independence day so that brought us to thinking about where the nation was, how far it has to go and who holds the power in charting the course for the future. We talk about the politicians all the time but what about the voters? Though not monolithic, we generally know where Democrats and Republicans stand on the issues, but what about the Independents?  Mulling that thought over left us with a question: How much more time and/or information do you need to make a decision, ‘independents’?

With just a few months remaining until one of the most critical elections the U.S. has ever known, much of the media is repeating what many already believe: the political race hinges on what those independent voters think. Frankly, I’m sick of them; pick a damn side already. Unless they haven’t been awake, the more likely reason for not knowing which of the two candidates will get their vote is that they’re waiting for both the left and the right to kiss their arse and/or say that one earth-shattering thing that will tip the scales. Get over yourselves already; we all know what we’re getting on either side of the aisle.

What else do you need to hear that will lead you to a decision? More pointless yammering about what the Founding Fathers would have said about our current state of affairs? Be real; if they weren’t dead already, the sight of an African-American occupying the White House (built by slaves) would have killed them. That said, at least they would presumably have been much more civil than the batshit right-wing loonies Tea Partyers who are vociferously and dangerously howling every time the words “progress” or “social change” are mentioned. Why? Because they thought of the country first.

It’s no wonder that so many of us feel like we’re under siege; both domestically and internationally, the political scene is littered with trashy ideals and a backwards vision based on a complete willingness to put faith in failed policies that fall far short of being “objective“.

The attacks on anything close to a progressive agenda that would benefit most of us, even those who don’t realise or want to acknowledge it, are at a fever pitch and way beyond the point of being simply ridiculous. But, of course, none of that matters to the GOP; with many of them remaining in positions of power we will be, at best, stagnant or, at worst, in an America that is suitable for very few of us.

At BNV, we want to see the borders between people torn down…but we’re pragmatic enough to know that won’t happen until we accept that what is going on now is pure and spiteful nonsense that is dragging all of us down.

Put yourselves on the line; this country is for ALL of us which means we’re all responsible for taking part in protecting its future. We certainly know things aren’t perfect but what we currently have beats moving backwards any time.


Let’s truthfully work to educate and eradicate borders.