Why Did Karl Rove Make Me Take Down a Zazzle Item?

Hi there.  Remember last week’s story with the funny headline, Is Karl Rove Making Naughty Gay Boinky Boinks With Skeezy Ex Con?

Well, we still can’t argue definitively yes or no to that one.

What we CAN tell you is that Karl Rove ordered the popular personalized gift-making company, Zazzle, to remove an image I had put on t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, etc.  I was going to donate the proceeds to the National Parkinson Foundation, like I do from the sales of my books and other products.

“Well, naturally,” I can hear you telling your computer screen.  “I mean, even an evil closeted gay man (allegedly) like Karl Rove owns his own image…”

Shut up.

This was not an image of Karl Rove that he ordered Zazzle to remove.

The words “Karl Rove” were not used in the image.  And unless he owns the word “Rove”, then there is no copyright issue.

No, Gentle and Faithful reader.  THIS is the image Karl Rove ordered Zazzle to remove.

Do YOU see Karl Rove anywhere in this image?  I see the words “Mr. Rove.”  But I don’t see anything that says “Karl Rove.”  Not in shadows, not in the reflections… nowhere.

“Oh, hold on,” I can hear you telling your computer screen. “It says right there on the upper left hand corner of the image that you got it from Ali Akbar’s Facebook page.  Maybe Ali Akbar…”

Shut up.

Ali Akbar did not order the image to be removed.

“How do you know?”

Easy.  First, Zazzle approved the image.  See?

Then, about 24 hours later, I started receiving a series of 37 e-mails, one for each product that Zazzle was pulling from their cyber shelves, all with the note that they violated someone’s “intellectual property rights.”

OK, I said. Let’s find if Akbar, the skeezy ex-con who I wrote about last week, who made his way from a Tarrant County jail to the heights of the young Republican establishment, bereft of a college education, bereft of a visible source of income… let’s see if Zazzle will tell me…

They were happy to tell me.

Ohhhhh kaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy…..

Karl Rove is not in the image. KARL Rove is not mentioned in the image.  Ali Akbar had the image posted on his Facebook page.  But Karl Rove is ordering Zazzle to remove the image?

Then there’s these pesky rumors about Karl and Ali…


And no way does a skeezy ex-con with no college and no money rise to the top of the Young Republican ladder without help from someone… someone like…

Waaaaaaiiiiiiit a minute.

OK, so it’s not a smoking gun.  It’s not a picture of Ali and Karl having sexual congress, or even of them picking out pretty little soaps for their guest bathroom.

Did Karl TAKE the funny picture of Ali Akbar, wearing an Obama mask, waving $20 bills around?  That would be the only way — the ONLY LEGITIMATE WAY — that Karl Rove could claim intellectual property rights over the picture.

Let’s do the math.


Yup.  Still =4.

More as it develops.

For the complete, up to the minute reporting on this story, check out the fine reporting by the Green Bay Liberal Examiner…

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Karl Rove squashes product meant to raise funds for Parkinson’s disease research

Ali Akbar: Blackmail, hoax, actual threat or money-making scheme

And when you’re done looking at those, look at these.

These wonderful designs, drawn by my friend who you can commission by contacting him on Twitter @Bloodline31, drew these for me.  They are now available as images on t-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains, posters and a myriad of other items at my Zazzle store.  And since my friend owns the copyright, and he has given me permission to publish and sell (we’re splitting the profits between the National Parkinson Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Fund), ain’t jack shit Karl Fucking Rove or Ali Fucking Akbar can do about it except…


Suck it?


  1. Schmalfeldt is a national treasure!

  2. Lori Moore says

    Hell, I just waltzed over to rove.com and asked him WTH? about the removal of the image that he has no rights to! Will let you know if/when I do get a response.

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