For Our Next Song

“For our next song, would the people up in the cheaper seats clap your hands? The rest of you can rattle your jewelry.”

~ John Lennon 1963, The Royal Variety show.

This quote speaks volumes about the relationship between the wealthy and the rest of society. John Lennon was making light of the difference between the lives and opportunity of the common man and the Royals who sat in the expensive seats, but with tongue in cheek he was spotlighting the vastness of the divide.

This past week the uber rich met in the Hamptons to bestow more wealth on the new royalty of the Republican Party Mitt Romney. Over $100 million dollars was given to a man whose net worth is estimated to be over $300 million dollars. One quarter of a billion dollars, a hell of a lot of money by any standard.

Mitt Romney is among the richest men ever to run for President. He is, in fact, richer than all the net worth of most of the Presidents before him — richer than Kennedy, richer than Roosevelt, richer than many of them combined.

There were rumors of chatter among the rich that reeked of sarcasm and snobbery at the Hampton event. Snide remarks of trickle down and the middle class just do not understand how America works. The snooty white wine crowd making fun of struggling people, clueless as to what real Americans lives are like.

The Republican Party is always quick in making statements questioning the Americanism of Barack Obama and Liberal Democrats. When you look at the real facts, the 1% is more un-American than any group of people in our country or in any country.

When times get tough in a country the 1% is always the first to flee. This was clearly evident of the pro-Batista Cubans, who left Cuba in droves pulling out their money and their wealth as they “escaped” to become ex pats in south Florida. The same thing happened in Iran when the Shah started to lose his balance and the 1% of Iran left Iran, riches in hand. Colonists loyal to George V also fled to Canada and back to England when we became a country. The 1% always flee because their personal wealth is always more important to themselves than that of the land they currently live in.

Unlike the Royals, the 1% feel no responsibility to country, in fact the 1% believe they are wealthy in spite of country and do everything possible to cut their responsibilities to country from avoiding service in the countries military to paying their part of taxes.

Many Brits still worship the Royals and the one big reason is service in the Queen’s Royal Military. The common man can identify with the Royal who dons a uniform for the Queen. We have all witnessed Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles donning their military garb. It is a tribute to them for their contribution in their country’s armed service.

The 1% do not serve in our country’s military, not now and not in the past. Yes, families like the Kennedys and others sent boys to WWI and WWII but for the most part the kids of the 1% don’t join the army, and when there was a draft they avoided it and many have never served a day in the US military.

There is no evidence that anyone in the Mitt Romney clan has ever served a day in the American military. Not his Grandfather who came to America in the early 1900’s nor his father who did not serve during WWII. Mitt, of course, used every deferment he could get and then when that ran out he used his religion to avoid the draft and went to France on a mission trip.

The disconnect between the 1% and the workers of America is as vast as the wealth of Mitt Romney. The wealthy have bought political favors since the beginning of time, now they want the American people to vote for one of their own as leader of the country. How common of them, I think not. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for American Aristocracy and not the American people.

This election will come down to two different visions of America: one with a leader of all people at the top and the other  — someone who sees dollar signs when he thinks of America and does not see the people for the trees.




Mike Scourby is pretty normal for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn. Well, it’s true, and that’s also the name of his blog. He’s a Yellow Dog Democrat currently living deep in a Red State but, as he told his kids, he’s moving back to Brooklyn at the first sign of a twang. Mike spends his time educating young minds to a Bluer state of mind.