Will Republicans Vote for Bobby Jindal?

So…Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is now on Mitt Romney’s short list to be his Vice President. This is quite a surprise for, though Jindal was born in Louisiana, he has a Hindu heritage and his parents are from India’s Punjab, an overwhelmingly Muslim area. This means Bobby is thickly coated with a double-whammy of foreignness, even if he speaks like a Chicago newscaster with an added hint of Southern cracker.

The work that Karl Rove and company have done to discredit President Obama for his supposed foreignness starts Jindal’s candidacy off on the wrong foot, doesn’t it?  Of course, with his intransigent objection to womens’ rights, generally, and all abortions, specifically, and his flat rejection of same-sex marriage, he will, at least, appeal to the most extreme right-wingers, many of whom will then be forced to suicide due to the terminal frustration and inner conflict which will result from their having to vote for one brown-skinned man to avoid voting for another.

GOP problems.


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