Another Week Gone By: July 22, 2012

Image: Flickr/djokomuljanto

Some of us are wondering if a sensible conversation about guns will ever take place — or are we, as a nation, too far gone. After all, the NRA is one of the most powerful organisations in America; congressmen are theirs for the picking. In this culture, violence is brought out into the open and it is glorified while, simultaneously, mental health issues are still swept under the rug.

No matter what ends up being discussed, and no matter what policies are formulated as the result of this tragedy, our condolences are with the families and friends of those lost to yet another senseless act of gun violence. May the residents of Aurora, Colorado heal and come to know peace once again.

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When something as heinous as the Aurora shooting takes place, so much of what we place importance on falls by the wayside. It helps to focus our priorities on how valuable life is and realise that it’s too precious to waste.

When all is said and done the things that many of us have in common are the need to feel safe, secure and free from violence so that we can enjoy the gift of life.

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