Fat! The Final Frontier.

I’ve done lots and lots of cartoons about being fat. And since I’ve been doing them, millions more people have become fat. So I’m not as fat as I used to be, relatively, because now I’m not the only one in a class picture who stands out. Now I have lots and lots of company, and some things about being fat have changed. I can now get terrific clothes, thanks to all the manufacturers that noticed that the majority of women in this country are larger than size 16! But when I was a kid in the ’50s and ’60s, there were only fat clothing ghettos, usually located behind the sheets and towels on the second floor of the department store, nowhere near the “normal” womens clothes on the first floor. These ghettos had one rack of hideous clothing made out of polyester for the “Plus Size” and “Half Size” wearer. And if none of the clothes fit, there were still sheets that could be made into togas right to the side, and if those didn’t fit there were queen- and king-sized sheets. You get the idea.


So now that I can be fashionably dressed in my size 2x dresses, I have discovered a new insult. Actually it’s an old insult that I’ve only recently discovered:  Don’t try to donate your body to science if you are fat.  They don’t want it.  And they don’t want it because they believe it isn’t relevant to the medical students — but why?

Hey!  Even dead, the only positive thing about my body is that they could make extra soap out of all my fat. And, of course, I guess that means that even my brain is too fat for science. I guess that also means that whatever organs I have left are no good for sight or anything else.  Well, maybe they would lower themselves to taking the “choice bits” but they’re not going to be interested in the rest of the contents of my size 2x body.

I have no idea why this insults me so much. Actually I do. It would be like only accepting male bodies because females were of no interest. Over 50% of the population is now clearly obese. I keep seeing that all over the newspapers and magazines. So, one would wonder why studying “the fat people” would not be a good subject for medical students who may have to contend with a population that may become even MORE obese! Maybe they could learn something?  Duh?

So the way it stands now, when I die, I shall be unceremoniously cremated. I shall not let science insult me by declaring my corpse as unwanted or unacceptable.

Here’s a selection of some other cartoons I’ve done over the years on the subject of obesity.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.


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