98 Days and Counting

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Are you ready for the election cycle to end? When all is said and done, between each cycle we experience two years of debates, campaigns, SuperPACs, television commercials and online pop-up ads. That’s a bit much. The good thing is that all of this will come to a close soon, though not soon enough for those of us who’d like to see the decision made so that congress can get back to doing their job…whatever that may be.

To be fair, some moments have been amusing but as “funny” as the Ricks, Perry and Santorum, were, they couldn’t be taken seriously for the long haul. Mitt Romney was the least embarrassing candidate — at least prior to his gaffe-filled twit-trip to England and Israel — so he’s still around. But there’s still over 3 months to go; there are 98 days, and counting, until election day. Here’s what you can expect:

  • More attack ads. What would politics be without them? And, frankly, they have their place…not necessarily a good place but that is what politics have devolved into. We already know that the lack of civility is utterly staggering so it’s fitting the advertisements reflect that.
  • More interviews from those who should neither be seen nor heard. Case in point: Dick “Voldemort” Cheneyhe’s baaaaack (again?)! This week Dick Cheney, upon realising that he is, in fact, able to see his reflection stated rather forcefully that he considers President Obama weak. Huh? Are we talking about the same POTUS who chucks drones about like Skittles? Whatever happened to that unwritten tradition in which prior administrations don’t criticise the current administration?
  • Continued lack of diplomacy and unbelievably embarrassing statements from Mitt Romney. Whose decision was it to let him take this world tour? At some point, shouldn’t someone on his team advise him that a significant portion of the job of the President is diplomacy? Sucking up to one nation, Israel, while insulting the culture of other (the Palestinians) isn’t a good way to get both sides to come to the negotiating table.
  • Protests in advance of the conventions. Pick a reason, any reason. We love a good protest here, simply because there’s so much in need of repair. But here’s as good a reason as any to protest: some labour unions are upset that the DNC opted to hold the democrats convention in North Carolina — a ‘right to work’ state, which means that union security agreements are prohibited. It truly isn’t easy being part of a labour union or the working class.
  • The Republican’s nominating convention. According to GOPConvention2012.com, the festivities will be held during late August in Florida. If all goes as plans and there’s no ‘Attack of the Paul-bots,’ Mitt Romney will be the GOP’s official Rominee. (Am I the only person who finds it amusing that there’s an African-American woman on the convention’s home page? Where did they find her; are they trying to broaden the GOP “big tent” to include “others”?)
  • The Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte during the week of September 3rd. Former President Bill Clinton will speak. And, by then, the party should be able to coherently talk about its successes and stop allowing the GOP to dictate the message.
  • Debates. After the conventions, President Obama and Mitt Romney will then do battle on stage, face to face, in a series of debates to be held during October. Given Romney’s propensity towards evasiveness and gaffes, we’re expecting this to be quite amusing.

And then comes election day; November 6th, 2012 is just around the corner.

And on that night, when the votes recorded by anything other than a Diebold machine are counted and the extent of voter suppression efforts are found to have made no difference, reality will set in.

Voices will be raised.

Hissy fits and tantrums will be thrown.

FOX “news” will report that Mitt Romney won — only to end up issuing a retraction.

And the rest of us will move on, with the realisation that the POTUS is still occupying the White House.

Democracy will have worked.

And sanity will rule.

And we’ll get back to the work that needs to be done to fix this nation.


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