Mitt the Twit…ter Man

Recently, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that his campaign was poised to pick his running mate. A collective, “OK Whatever” rang out, especially when more and more political pundits and registered voters are becoming increasingly interested in Mitt’s tax returns. Sensing that the running mate selection game was losing steam, if it ever really had any, Team Willard decided to go the way of social boldness by declaring that the next potential Vice President of the U.S. of A would be tweeted. As someone who works in social media, I gotta admit to liking this when it was initially announced. And in many ways, I think it does shape Mitt up to challenge President Obama’s position as Social Media Political Maven. But as Mitt continues to dodge and weave between hidden tax records, offshore accounts, and his own flip floppiness, it might be wise for him to take advantage of other social media networks. Here are a few suggestions:

Pinterest – I think Mitt should upload photos of his lovely Cayman Islands estates along with pictures of his 1990’s tax returns. It could spur a social meme – Evaded Uncle Sam, Left With 10,000 Acres.

StumbleUpon – Mitt the Blogger. Really, considering the state of the Romney Campaign, is there a more aptly named social network for them to leverage? He could wax poetic about the Salt Lake City Olympics (because he never, ever does that) or extol the virtues of outsourcing. He could even give the blog a title both the Conservative and Christian Right would love – Job Creationism.

LinkedIn – Mitt would surely instantly connect with his buddies from Bain and a myriad of other investment capital firms. His connections would be a veritable Who’s Who of rich white guys with nice hair and no facial hair… and Herman Cain.

Facebook – I have saved Facebook for last because it could present problems for Mitt. While it’s true that LinkedIn has a Like feature, it is most identifiable with Facebook. Likes and Shares – haven’t they been at the heart of Mitt’s follies? He likes too many things; at least until he discovers that he shouldn’t – the revival of the auto industry, health care mandates, gay rights, women’s rights, and on and on. His campaign shares a lot, then wishes they hadn’t – enjoying firing people (he also “Likes” this), occupying tax shelters, investing in Etch-A-Sketches, etc.

Maybe Twitter will be different. Maybe Tim Pawlenty isn’t nearly as dull in 140 characters as he is in real life. Maybe Paul Ryan will amaze with his ability to spell budget or Medicaid. Perhaps Marco Rubio will tweet in Spanish, while avoiding all mention of Univision. I must admit I’m looking forward to it.


Image of Mitt Romney’s twitter nemesis from Bloomberg Business Week



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