Say it Isn’t So, Clint!

I guess I’m the last person in the world to find out that Clint Eastwood is no hero. He only plays one in the movies. He’s a great actor and a director, but not a good judge of politicians.

While it’s been widely known that Clint is a Republican, his recent publicized comments on Gay Marriage gave me the idea he was still a pretty nice guy. Not so.

Also, the last film he directed and acted in, Grand Torino, is generally considered a racist movie — and I didn’t know that either.

Where has Dirty Harry gone? His movies of the San Francisco cop who did things his own way (but for the right reasons) helped make Clint tons of money and made  him famous. But it also implied that he was on the side of “right”.  Does he really believe that the poor deserve no sympathy and help? Is he totally unwilling to share the wealth he made from the dollars of people worldwide who paid to see his movies?

It would appear that Clint is the kind of guy who would laugh at me for believing he really is anything like the roles he plays, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing any more of his movies.


Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.


  1. Jeffrey Broido says

    Of course he’s allowed to speak, act, direct, and so on. Yes, we all know he’s a Republican, but we simply assumed he was an Eisenhower-style Republican and not a typical, greedy, narcissistic, venal, modern ultra-right-winger of the 1%, wealthy beyond the dreams of most of the population, and clearly concerned mainly for his money. We thought, wrongly, that he is concerned with justice. So, we won’t criticize him as an actor or director, and we love his old films, but we won’t be watching anything any longer with his name on it.