Domestic Terrorist Massacre

In less than a month removed from the Aurora Colorado shooting, America was attacked by a domestic terrorist named Wade Michael Page. The self-appointed executioner killed six innocent people who were worshiping peacefully in their Wisconsin Sikh Temple, and wounded numerous others, including the first police officer on the scene. Page was a drunken looser to the nth degree, drummed out the military for numerous offenses, mostly for being the base drunk and an incompetent worker.

Wade Michael Page’s reputation was known by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he had been interviewed by Professor Pete Simi of the University of Nebraska, Omaha, and co-author of American Swastika in 2001 as part of his research on the White Supremacist movement.

Image via NSLBrief

The FBI is considering the shooting an act of “domestic terrorism” and is questioning many of his known cohorts, including his ex girlfriend who was picked up Sunday night on an unrelated weapons charge. Page played in a white supremacist band that spewed racist hate towards anyone who was not like him — and that included anyone in authority.

On Wednesday, the FBI said Page killed himself after being shot in the stomach by the second officer on the scene. There is still only speculation as to what led Page to carry out the attack. Dr. Simi in his NPR interview stated Page told him he felt ‘Black people received all the benefits’ and white people got nothing. This is a common theme among racists; they believe minorities receive the bulk of government services, money and job opportunities. Page also stated during his interview that the U.S. Army was responsible for his racist beliefs. He said black solders were promoted over him and other white solders simply because they were black. This was coming from a man who could not hold a job because of his alcoholism and anti-authority behavior.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified 1018 hate groups in America today. This 69% increase since 2000 was fueled by high unemployment, an influx of immigrants, the knowledge white people will not be the majority of the population in coming decades — and the election of the first black President, Barack Obama.

These factors have also led to a rise in the Patriot Movement which, in the early 1990s, was responsible for numerous murders of politicians, other government officials and members of minority groups. They were also responsible for the first domestic act of terrorism in America: the Oklahoma City bombing at the hands of Timothy McVeigh. Patriot armed militia groups have increased by 755% since the election of Barack Obama from 149 in 2008 to 1274 in 2011. The number of hate groups in America is frightening, it is also disturbing that these ‘patriots’ praise the horrific teachings and philosophy of Adolf Hitler, a man who wanted to enslave the world and destroy the USA.

Whatever Page’s motive was, it is evident that white supremacists like him and Timothy McVeigh — who carry out these acts against innocent unarmed men, women and children — are self-centered sociopathic cowards. I am sure Page must have hoped an act like that would be looked on favorable by his estranged girlfriend and her neo Nazi friends.

The murders in Wisconsin are clear evidence the availability of guns in this country has to stop and it has to stop sooner rather than later. It is also evident, when politicians make stupid remarks about killing or shooting opponents people like Wade Michael Page take every word to heart. Shooting survivors and law enforcement agencies across the country are looking for the Federal Government for leadership in ending the easy access of guns in America. President Obama has stated the sheer number of guns available for purchase has to be reduced if America is to continue to be a free and prosperous country.

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