When the Mitt Romney campaign selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, it was the icing on the cake of Republican hypocrisy. In Paul Ryan, not only do you have a man who has spent his entire adult life working in Washington for the Republican Party in some capacity, Romney picked a man who actually used social programs that he now wants to eliminate from the federal budget. Congressman Ryan was not a poor kid when his father died and he used every program and scholarship he could get, just like other children who qualified for grants and aid. Paul Ryan used Pell Grants and Social Security after the death of his upper-middle class lawyer father so he could become the man he is today, yet he now feels those grants and aid and Social Security are too expensive for the youth of America.

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Since Congressman Ryan arrived in Washington he has become the self-appointed conscience of the conservative movement in the Republican Party. He has focused his time working on how to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and spreading the philosophy of Ayn Rand. He has been quoted saying that Ayn Rand has shaped his adult life. Ryan has forced his interns and staff to read both Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugs and while a member of the Atlas Society given speeches on individualism at their conventions. Yesterday he tempered his love affair with Ayn Rand by saying he rejects her philosophy but as late as 2009 Congressman Ryan has been quoted as saying Any Rand molded his life and politics. Of course he also stated he rejects her atheism, this coming on the heels of the American Bishops have called the Ryan Budget as un-Christian and un-American. David Stockton, President Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director stated the Ryan Budget is a fraudulent document as written.

Congressman Ryan was very much like many Republican Congressman, Senators and Governors who condemned the Obama Administration Stimulus Act, he asked for money from the Administration and as reported by the Boston Globe, Congressman Ryan wrote letters to the White House asking for stimulus money and stated how the stimulus has helped the local economy of his congressional district and put people to work. This was done after publicly stating the Obama Stimulus would never put people to work or help the economy.

This is not the only instances of Ryan and the GOP hypocrisy. From the moment George W. Bush was elected president, the GOP spent money the country did not have; in fact of the $16 trillion dollars in national debt today $11 trillion was voted on and pasted almost unanimously by the Republican Senate and Congress. The subject of national debt was not in the lexicon of Paul Ryan — and to prove that he voted for every spending package proposed by the Bush administration including two unfunded wars, tax breaks for the rich, a prescription drug plan and TARP.

The Mitt Romney campaign and its surrogates have stated that the Obama administration stole $700 Billion dollars from Medicare — a total fabrication. The Obama administration closed fraudulent loop holes in Medicare and reduced provider payments. Seniors have been scared into believing their benefits have been cut and that is, as further from the truth as you can get. Not one dime of money for medical services for the elderly has been cut. On the other hand, Paul Ryan and his infamous Ryan Budget will reduce Medicare to a voucher system where seniors will have to come up with on average $6500 of their own money to cover expenses Medicare now covers.

The list goes on and on and the lies keep mounting and mounting. The biggest lie of the Republicans is how they care about the American people and the American economy. It has been reported that the leaders of the GOP, including Congressman Ryan, plotted the political demise of Barack Obama — and he and others have publicly stated their goal was not to help the country come out of the Great Recession but to do anything to make President Obama’s administration look bad. In doing so, they blocked or tried to block the Jobs Act, the economic stimulus, and the auto industry bailout. In doing so they put the American economy in jeopardy and contributed to the unemployment rate being over 8% the last three years. The GOP did nothing to assist the American people — instead, they hindered the American economic recovery.