Please, Mitt! DO Take Us Back to the 50s!

It isn’t very often we see a single tweet and it inspires a column. Today we celebrate the wisdom of a lady calling herself @JanC60 — a self-described mother of four, a conservative from Colorado who “was asleep, but no longer.”

Here’s her tweet.

“Romney will take us back to the 50’s”. YES! PLEASE DO! Morals, values, children allowed to be innocent, decent tv & movies.

Yes, JanC60! Let’s all go back to the 50s, when we could leave our doors unlocked at night and Beaver and Wally could ride their bikes without worrying about being shot by crazed neo-Nazis out to kill as many people as possible before taking their own lives!

We’re old enough to remember some of the 50s, Jan. We remember it as a time of black-and-white television and polio. Smallpox was still a problem in the 50s, Jan, and leukemia was a death sentence as were most cancers.

Let’s go back to the 50s, and the sooner the better!

What great times those were, Jan. You could watch TV all night and never even see a Negro! Unless it was a movie or something where a rich person had a sassy maid or an obsequious railroad train porter. Oh, there were the lazy Negroes on “Amos and Andy.” Remember how they were always trying to get rich without actually working?

Ah, yes. Even real Negroes in the 1950s were something you rarely saw! They had the luxury of their own sections in restaurants, their own balconies in the movie theaters, their own public bathrooms, and even their own schools and their own drinking fountains.

Those were the days, right, Jan?

Yes, Mitt. Please do! Take us back to the 50s when your church, the Mormons, would not allow blacks full priesthood in your temples. Who could forget in 1958 when Apostle Bruce R. McConkle wrote:

“The negroes are not equal with other races where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned, particularly the priesthood and the temple blessings that flow therefrom, but this inequality is not of man’s origin. It is the Lord’s doing, is based on his eternal laws of justice, and grows out of the lack of spiritual valiance of those concerned in their first estate.”

Will Mitt take us back to the 50s? You bet, Jan! Before Medicare, where if your grandparents couldn’t afford to pay for their healthcare, they were allowed to die from even the most treatable conditions. They didn’t have Medicare, Medicaid or any sort of public safety net for people who had the playing field tipped against them, Jan. Weren’t those some great times?

We can sit here today and imagine that “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best,” “My Little Margie” day and age that never actually existed in America and pray to our White God that he give us an acceptable White president to take us back to that non-existent time!

There were none of those pesky “gay” people in the 50s, Jan. “Gay” meant happy, care free! We called them what they were. Homos. Queers. Fags. They were in the big cities where cops would raid their private clubs and beat them mercilessly for the crime of being homosexual. Regular guys could hide their latent homosexuality and show their pals how rough and tough they were by beating up on the sissies, or — like Mitt did in the relatively modern 1960s — get a gang of boys together, hunt a sissy down, drag him to the ground and give him a much needed haircut.

Ah, yes. Back when you could say “nigger” and “kike” and “spic” and “Jap” and nobody was offended, except for the blacks and the Jews and the Hispanics and the Asians but who CARED what they thought? Those were the 1950s.

We hope right along with you, Jan. We miss those days when the police didn’t have to tell us our rights because, really, we had no rights. The cops could come into your house and look where ever they wanted and plant evidence, which they wouldn’t do unless they had good reason to think you had done something wrong, like being black in a white neighborhood.

If only there were more right-thinking Americans like you, Jan.

God bless you, out there in Colorado, where there were no interstate highways in the 1950s and your husband could legally beat you and your children.

We hope you get the kind of country you want, Jan. In fact, we know where there is a country like that right now!

It’s called — “Somalia”.


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  1. Charlie Meyer says

    ANOTHER excellent piece, Bill!

  2. BOOM!!

  3. You can’t have the good and not the bad. Sure the 50’s were good for certain people but not everyone for sure. Plus the world today is different. The gangs, drugs, violence, were not like they are today. But either were the medical care, public services, equality for women. So sure for the HEALTHY RICH WHITE MAN, the 50’s were great!. But if you are anything else, you were just out of luck. My husband who was born in the 60’s is handicapped. If he would have been born now, he would walk and not be in a wheelchair. If he had been born in the 50’s, an instatution or left to die. You can’t have the “glory days” without looking at everything we have come from and what advances we have made because of changes we have made. No good without bad!


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