Ryan Gets a Failing Grade in Education

Image: CCO/Public Domain – Paul Ryan

Oh boy.

Here we go.

Instead of choosing someone to offset his conservative views, Romney chose someone who is totally as conservative as he is.

Also? It seems as if Paul Ryan would like to see public education privatized as much as the next rich white dude.

Get the rich richer and get rid of that pesky middle class, right?

Wait.  What?

First, according to Ryan’s website, he favors slashing funds to the early childhood education program, Head Start, that helps low-income/impoverished children with school readiness. I work in a district that has many, many students in the Head Start program. I can’t imagine how these children would be ready for school without it.  There are few parents in our district who can afford to send their children to a traditional preschool, and Head Start helps kids become prepared for kindergarten.

Paul Ryan also has a crush on vouchers both for Medicare and schools.  We all know how I feel about vouchers, yes?

So we start with a huge population of unprepared kids in our public schools. These kids’ scores will pull districts down. Then the government will pay for the higher achieving kids — whose parents could afford preschool — to go to “better” private schools.

He stands behind more local control for schools, yet by supporting vouchers, he isn’t really helping the discrepancies in performance. In fact, he is saying, “figure it out for yourself, and while you do that? We will pay for the ‘good kids’ to go elsewhere.”

And lastly, Ryan wants to cut eligibility and funding for Pell Grants — grants that are awarded to low-income college students to help them get a post-secondary education.  I mean, why send the poor, dumb people to college, right? Those who can afford it, deserve it.

So what Ryan is saying is: If you can afford good schooling, you can get good schooling.  Otherwise you get whatever crap is left over.

Instead of bettering public education for ALL, Ryan would rather cut the availability down to better for some.

The country’s teachers unions and the NEA have both released statements in firm opposition to the Romney/Ryan ticket. It’s not difficult to see why. Ryan is your stereotypical rich white Republican dude looking out for other rich white Republican dudes.

Yeah. Thumbs up, Paul.

Or not.


  1. I just do not understand HOW it is that the two camps are so close in the race at this point. I don’t. How can people look at the policies of Romney and Ryan and decide THAT is what they want for the entire country? HOW?

  2. Don’t even get me started on this clown. If Romney/Ryan actually win, our country will be a disaster!


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