Hot Enough For You, Congressman Akin?

For his entire political career, Republican Congressman Todd Akin, US Representative for the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, has injected his religion into his job, working tirelessly to ban all abortions, including when unwanted pregnancy results from forcible rape.

Hot Enough For You, Congressman Akin?

Now, the Congressman is in hot water for referring to rape, an act of extreme violence and domination, as “legitimate rape” in his television interview on KTVI-TV (a Fox affiliate, naturally) a few days ago, as if any rape can be thought of as legitimate.

But let’s not get bogged down in semantics, here, by focusing on the word, “legitimate,” for Mr. Akin was merely making a distinction between rape and consensual sexual intercourse that’s reported as rape by the victim. Let’s not condemn the Congressman, then, for using the wrong word.

Let us, instead, condemn him roundly for inventing a clearly specious argument to bolster his purely religious nonsense — that is that the human female body, somehow, has the ability to make the automatic distinction between voluntary sexual intercourse and violent rape and that, in the latter case, the body will prevent pregnancy. The fact that there is an enormous amount of evidence to the contrary doesn’t sway Mr. Akin at all, and he staunchly continues to defend his, um, missionary position, if not his vocabulary. Did I mention that presumed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has asked him to bow-out of his bid to claim the US Senate seat currently held by Claire McCaskill?


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