Many Americans were disgusted at Congressman Todd Akin’s outrageous claim that woman do not get pregnant when raped. He says he believes, doctors have told him women have a process of shutting down their reproductive system when being ‘legitimately’ raped and that’s the reason there are so few births by rape.

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We all know what Congressman Akin was saying; we have deciphered ‘Republican Speak’ many times over when they use racist statements in describing Barack Obama. Akin and his cohorts believe women who want abortions will say anything, including cry rape, to have the government pay for their acts. His ideas are shared by many in the Republican party including Paul Ryan, who co-sponsored with Congressman Akin, a bill that would outlaw abortions in any circumstance — including rape and incest. Ryan and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney have distanced themselves from Akin’s remarks, but when asked if they believe in the fundamental premise that any human fertilized egg should be brought to birth no matter what the circumstances, they are in total lock step with the philosophy of Todd Akin. The Republican party has endorsed that philosophy and they have written that into their platform for their upcoming national convention.

This is not the first time the GOP and their radical henchmen have tried to circumvent the constitution in favor of their own radical agenda. These are the same men who interfered with Terri Schiavo and demanded the federal government intervene in a private medical situation. These are the same men who have taken vote after vote to end public funding of Planned Parenthood which would force millions of women to go without reproductive services because of one issue: abortion.

Congressman Akin was sorry for his words, but not the philosophy of his convictions, so he says. He will not be sorry when given the chance he and his radical brethren from the Republican Party will return women to a time when abortions were committed in back alleys by who knows who. Congressman Akin wants to return women to a place beneath that of a man, unequal and subjugated.

As for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan their outrage is only heard by politicians who would say or do anything to win the Presidency. Romney has stated, one of his first acts as president will be to repeal the ACA and in doing so, Romney has been quoted as stating he will repeal any work place requirements for birth control pills or other forms of contraception to be paid for by insurance companies, giving employers the right to opt out of reproductive services of women employees.

The Republican Party does not believe women are capable of making decisions about their bodies and they must intervene, this is very evident in their actions in congress and state houses around the country. Governor Bob McDonnell of the Commonwealth of Virginia was forced to back down on signing into law a radical Republican bill that would allow the government to invade women with vaginal probes, because the women of Virginia, stood up to the Governor, politicians and the radical right and marched on Richmond and the State House.

I for one hope Congressman Akin stays in the Missouri race for Senate; Missouri, America and the world needs to know what he and the Republicans want to return women and the rights of women to a time long dead and buried in the American past.


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  1. though you’re a rape victim, you should know that it is your blood that runs through the veins of the child that you are carrying.


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