The Incredibly Entertaining and Revenge-Inspiring Tale of How I Got SWATTED by a Dentally-Challenged Right Wing Idiot

Meet Lee Stranahan.

Handsome lad.  He’s a filmmaker!


And he’s a homeowner. I know this because he’s also offering to teach people how to be big, famous bloggers, just like him!

Well, GOLLY!  Who wouldn’t want to be a big, famous BLOGGER?  So, I applied to the URL on the tweet and filled out an application.  Then I waited patiently (for a few seconds) and this popped into my e-mail.

The first thing I noticed… HE INCLUDED HIS ADDRESS!

Now, something you need to know about Lee Stranahan. He’s the type of conservative who LOVES publishing the personal information of his targets. Names, phone number, everything. If he doesn’t like you, and he writes about you, your private information becomes public.

What fun! I did a search and found a real estate website that lists this address, and decided to make a little film with the photos the website included.


Well, did THIS make Stranahan mad. I figured I was in for a good tongue lashing.  (We keep antibiotic ointments on hand for just such an occasion.)

But here’s what he did.  He tweeted.

And deep inside, I knew what was coming next.

Do a search for “Stranahan” and “Brandon Darby” and “SWATTING” to get yourself up to speed.

Twenty-two minutes after this tweet appeared, there was a knock at my door. It was a Howard County, Maryland police officer wanting to know if someone here had called the police. We assured him we were fine and he went away. Just long enough for me to send out a couple tweets. Then he came back.

See, he was sent out here because someone from Dallas had called to say that “someone from this address had transmitted a threat to rape his wife and children.”

I invited the officer into my house and showed him what I wrote IMMEDIATELY BELOW the video of Stranahan’s house.

Now, I know my little grouches out there are above any sort of right wing shenanigans, so we can feel safe in knowing that Stranahan’s publishing his address on my blog (which he did yesterday) will not result in any Liberal Grouch-inspired chicanery. Or I will be REALLY angry! And disappointed in you. And disgusted. So be nice. OK?

The officer and I looked at my most recent blog posts and my Twitter timeline and doggone it we could not find a SINGLE WORD in which I even SUGGESTED than anyone do any harm to Stranahan’s family. Hell, I figure living with this walking Jack O’Lantern model is hard enough on its own, let alone adding any misery to it.

As I thought about this during the night, I recalled the other times and other people Stranahan had done this to and I decided enough was enough.

So, first thing this morning, I wrote that I was giving Stranahan until 1pm ET today (Sept. 2) to either come up with proof that I had done what he charged, apologize, or I would file charges for filing a false police report.

Stranahan has me blocked on Twitter.  But, coward that he is, he posted the following tweets that I could not respond to.

Well, the time limit came and went. No explanation. No apology. So, I downloaded a form. I will fill it out and request the police report from last night. I will get it and read it and if it even CLOSELY matches what the officer told me I was being accused of, I will file charges against Lee Stranahan.

Penalty for filing a false police report in Maryland? 90 days for each count. And he has to come up here for the trial.

See? Hubris. It bites you on the butt every time, right Lee?



  1. Good luck to you.

  2. I’ve had similar experiences with rightwing stalkers. They found out my full name and who I worked for – and posted my employer’s name and phone number on line with an exhortation that everyone call my boss and have me fired. They sent me death threats. They told me that I “should be afraid to open my door.” How did I get even? I found out about them….full names and addresses – the same way they found out about me. And then I sent them Christm–er, holiday cards. You can read more here:

    Oy. Wingnuts are weird.


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