Democrats Expand Enthusiasm Gap at Convention

“We take care of our own.”

– Bruce Springsteen

Somewhere on the other side of the world, ably representing us as America’s most traveled Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton knows well from 2008 the Obama advantage as a campaigner. The burdens of the Oval Office in trying and recovering times did not diminish the optimism and confidence of President Obama.

On Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton disarmed the G.O.P. Romney/Ryan campaign schtick point by point. He proved himself still the Jedi Master of the stump speech. Repubs distanced themselves far from former President George “Dubya” Bush akin to a 1930s Stalinist purge replete with sending librarians razor blades to excise the out of favor official from the New Soviet Encyclopedia.

Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Vice President Joe Biden built upon the message that President Obama promised and delivered. All without muttering the “F-word.” College English Professor Jill Biden might have had a bar of soap at hand to wash out the mouths of potty-mouthed pols.

The Righty media couldn’t resist attempting to paint Sandra Fluke of wanting the Archbishop of Washington to deliver her birth control pills again. Having been burned touching the hot stove before, Rush Limbaugh seemed, for now, to miraculously keep his mouth shut to avoid losing even more advertisers.

There was a parade of displaced workers from Mitt Romney’s business “successes” at Bain Capital. One could imagine the acidic bile rising in Ann Romney’s throat as her oh-so-pious-and-successful dreamboat meal ticket came under relentless, withering fire from more proletarian members of We the “You People.”

Once upon a time, before the tea-guzzle-a-thon, Republicans had party discipline down pat. At last week’s G.O.P. Convention, however, speaking politicians were too busy tooting their own horns to give much more than passing lip service to their reluctant nominee, Mitt Romney. Democrats were able to present a united and energized front in support of President Obama without embarrassing gaffes. Obviously, Michele Bachmann wasn’t there. Despite holding the Democratic National Convention in union-hostile Charlotte, Democrats still came together, including a well-represented organized labor contingent.

The much-awaited Presidential speech Thursday night showed listeners that the Obama campaigning flair hasn’t missed a beat. If there was a fringe Libertarian or Green worry of little difference between the two major party candidates, President Obama debunked it, outlining the distinct difference between his vision and that of Republican Mitt Romney’s.

At press time, pollsters haven’t yet quantified the post-convention bounce the President’s campaign picked up, but it is easily dwarfing the Republicans’ anemic post-Tampa enthusiasm bump.

Democrats obviously have no chance of matching their Republican opponents at the Karl Rove/Koch Bros. SuperPAC stealth mega donor cash level. It’s a mass appeal ground game for Dems which will need to be energized and carried all the way to the polls in November.

The President and the participants were fired up in Charlotte this week. The challenge remains to bring that enthusiasm and hope to the polls.


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