Keeping Us Safe From Gay Boy Scouts Since 1940

For most of us, Chuck Norris is Walker, Texas Ranger and a super-duper black belt in various forms of the martial arts, but he’s much, much more.

Keeping Us Safe From Gay Boy Scouts Since 1940.

For one thing, Chuck is a particularly devout evangelical Christian and has even written books on the subject, most notably The Justice Riders. He’s also made TV commercials promoting bible study and strongly advocating the return of Christian prayer to the public schools but, when President Obama was elected, he wrote the President demanding that he “use and cite” The Constitution of The United States of America (unless, of course, it has anything to do with The First Amendment which, among other things, guarantees freedom of religion and from government establishing religion) In other words, Chuck is an uber-Christian who just happens to have divorced his wife of thirty years and fathered a daughter out of wedlock. And, as one might imagine, Chuck works hard against same-sex marriage and is tireless in his support of the policy on the part of The Boy Scouts of America to keep it free of homosexual members and leaders. Say, did we tell you that he has conversations with his horse and can survive a scorpion sting? Oh, wait… that was Walker…


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