But, Where Are the Jobs?

The morning after the President’s speech at the Democratic National Convention showed a drop in the unemployment rate, but fewer than anticipated new hirings. Immediately, the Romney campaign pooh-poohed the report as yet another sign the President’s plan wasn’t working. When it comes to reducing headcount, the Quarter Billion Dollar Man From Bain is the Jedi Master.

What then of the Republican solution? After all, isn’t Mitt Romney is running as an alleged “job creating businessman?”

The problem is that the only thing more elusive than Romney’s elusive tax returns, which his Missus said that We the “You People” didn’t need to see, are the hush-hush-you’ll-see-them-after-I’m-elected “secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices” details of Romney’s economic plans.

“Trust me” is still running a bit thin, I’m afraid. In fact, a lot of folks are feeling strangely akin to one of Col. Sanders’ chickens right about now.

The G.O.P.’s prescription for economic malaise seems to be “take two tax cuts and see me in the morning.”

In the conservative mind, tax cuts and elimination of regulations, such as clean air, water, and workplace rules developed over decades at great cost, are all that is needed. And, er, getting the black guy out of the White House.

Great Depression Image via Haiku Deck / Course-notes.org

Never mind the President put forward a jobs bill which will never get an entree to the House G.O.P. tea soiree. The National Institutes of Health could cure cancer or the common cold, but if the President’s name was anywhere near it, the tea crowd would find something else to do. Remember the bright young Republican faces, all jeunes filles en fleur, who ran on “jobs, jobs, jobs” but spent their time inviting a group of male clerics to discuss reproductive rights for women? Oops, that’s “freedom”, which is hawked on late night cable TV infomercials touted to snuff Dracula and Godzilla. In a stale “free market” scent. Sex advice from chastity oath takers? Right.

Remember the bill to remove tax breaks from companies who offshored American jobs? Again corporate “freedom” trumps “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Republicans would gladly ponder a jobs bill, but they’re out answering a intrauterine blob’s rumored damsel-to-be cries for help from the big, mean government. Texas Congressman Louie “Gomer” Gohmert (R-Terror Babies) is scratching the few hairs left on his cranial dome for a mandatory test for Islamic fetuses to deport.

Of course, there’s no connection between Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) opening day pledge to deny the President another term, and a do-nothing Congress. Come to think of it, former President Harry S. Truman’s (D) “do-nothing Congress” of the late 1940s was a paragon of legislative productivity compared to this latter-day lot.

Through historically high abuse rates of the filibuster, even periods of a Democratic “majority”  have been hobbled by obstructionist tactics from the Party of  No. It’s obvious that the Republicans’ “jobs” plan is aimed against one job in particular, to wit: one office worker born in the Kenyan suburb of Honolulu, currently living and working at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.


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