Tough Birds

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Ann Romney still hasn’t figured out that a national political campaign isn’t her childhood country club ladies tea. It certainly isn’t the megatither Mormon bishop missus’ expected deferential gentility schtick, either. Was Ann the “Stay-at-home-Mom (*maids & nannies)” expecting ring-kissing?  I do realize we usually battle the candidate and not the spouse, but when the candidate’s wifey is out doing the swinging and being a principal surrogate, she becomes a “player.”

This is national politics. It takes a tougher woman.

Let’s go back across the pond a bit. Thirty years ago, a Tory conservative named Margaret Thatcher was certainly no wallflower. Enough Conservative upper-crust men ended up as U.K. “road kill,” when there was a war of wits with the “Iron Lady.”  I didn’t agree with Maggie on much, but I cheered when a repressive Argentine military junta tried to buoy sagging public opinion with an ill-advised war and emerged with an awful lot less Rambo in their swagger.

Come to think of it, Hillary Clinton, the most traveled Secretary of State in history, isn’t just going for the frequent flier miles, or looking for places having folks to fawn over her. She has the second-most difficult job in the country to do. A lot of world to cover. If there’s one place lately where American women have smashed through the glass ceiling, it’s running the foreign policy of the nation. During much of sufferage, they were lucky to sign the dollar bills.

Take, for example, Democrat Tammy Duckworth in Illinois. She lost both legs when the Army Blackhawk helicopter she was piloting was downed to insurgent fire in Iraq. Duckworth went on to recover and to lead government programs taking care of our veterans. She’s running for Congress against Tea Party co-class clown Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill. Family Court). Hard as it may be to believe, Crazy Conservative Joe had been lambasting Duckworth’s mention of military service. Walsh served only himself. I’ll bet that went over real well at Walsh’s next campaign bluster gathering at the VFW. That November foot in his derriere could well be from one of Tammy Duckworth’s prosthetic legs.

We’ve seen how far Walsh’s fellow Tea Bag clown, disgraced army officer Rep. Allen West’s (R-Fla.), whining about his distaff Democratic House members got him. When I think of West, I have a troubling vision of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in drag. Scary, but Michele has a race on her own hands in several weeks against a hotelier whose job creation record didn’t involve “pray away the gay.”

There are a significant number of bright, talented women in national politics. There’s plenty of need for more. We’re not talking about vapid Republican faux femme fatales such as ex-Alaska Half-Gov. Sarah Palin ($-Fox News) wilting to “victimhood” in the public’s questioning glare.

So, Ann Romney, welcome to reality. It will take far more than hubby’s temple executive club card, upper crust motherhood,  and dealing with illness without a financial care in the world, to understand leading this country. We the “You People” are going to question your and your dreamboat Quarter Billion Dollar Man meal ticket’s hold on political sanity and demand details, not just double-talk  and graying temples.

The Hill’s Alicia Cohn writes of Ann Romney and Michelle Obama using their “star power” to woo women voters. Hmm, didn’t Mitt’s tithes buy the magical Mormon Kolob star already?

American voters want substance.  As with hubby, Ann Romney just doesn’t get it. And probably never will.


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